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Woman cyclist claims clothes cause anxiety, chooses to stay naked all the time

Woman cyclist claims clothes cause anxiety, chooses to stay naked all the time

Anxiety can be work related, family related, or it can be due to another cause. For Sadie Tann, that cause is wearing clothing. 

She claims that wearing clothing makes her anxious, so she spends a good part of the day naked at home with her boyfriend. 

32-year-old Sadie and her partner Collin are naturalists meaning they prefer to walk around naked. 

Sadie claims this is a lifestyle choice she developed as a child. 

“I have always loved the feeling of being undressed. I prefer being naked as I feel so much more comfortable that way. I feel free and full of joy,” she explained

“Clothes feel like putting on layers of expectations and the pressures of modern life, they feel like putting on layers of anxiety. Being naked for me is a relief from those anxieties and I feel completely in my element. My social anxiety almost ceases to exist.”

Sadie’s naturalist lifestyle also includes foraging for food and camping in the wild. Her life’s dream is to help the planet by becoming an ecologist. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is accepting of Sadie’s nudist lifestyle. 

On July 4, she and Collin were out nude bike riding for a charity event when a car drove into them knocking them off their bikes.

At first the incident made them reluctant to continue their nude riding, but they encouraged others not to let short-sighted people keep them from enjoying the lifestyle they prefer.

Sadie says she was inspired to ‘go nude’ by her passion for nature. This is also what inspires her to do nude charity bike rides for organizations like Rewilding Britain and Charity Mind. 

She feels that helping others overcome challenges has allowed her to deal with her own issues. 

She encourages others to do whatever they need to do to find peace. 

“Whether it’s shedding clothes or something else. Do what makes you you,” she says.

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