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Ghislaine Maxwell’s new prison amenities are better than most apartment buildings

Ghislaine Maxwell's new prison amenities are better than most apartment buildings

Considering the crimes that were committed, one would likely assume that the prison conditions Ghislaine Maxwell would match the offenses. Given the facility where Maxwell has been transferred to for the duration of her sentence, it’s completely fair to wonder whether or not the punishment fits the crime. Not because the prison conditions are too inhumane or unlivable, but the exact opposite. 

Maxwell, who was originally supposed to serve her time in a federal correctional institute located in Danbury, CT was transferred to a federal correctional institute in Tallahassee, Florida. The institute is a low-security federal correctional institution that holds a little more than 820 prisoners, both male and female. Even though Maxwell will be forced to endure a 6:00am wake-up call every morning, she will be able to partake in a variety of activities to stay active. Some of the amenities she will have access to include yoga, intramural team sports like softball, volleyball and basketball, weight rooms and art classes. 

She’ll also have the option to participate in talent shows and to enjoy movies from time to time. The fact that she’ll have access to so many seemingly nice features during her prison sentence is peculiar to say the least. That’s especially the case considering that people who have committed lesser crimes have been forced to endure much worse prison conditions. 

Women in this particular correctional facility are also allowed to have books, magazines, newspapers, MP3 music players and alarm clocks and radios. The fact that she has access to so many of these items during her prison sentence is ironic considering that she said she hoped her “harsh incarceration” would deliver closure to her victims during her sentencing hearing. Whether or not they’ll receive that closure even as Maxwell enjoys yoga and leisurely walks on the track during her prison sentence remains to be seen.

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