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Taco Bell manager dumps boiling water on customers that complain about order

Taco Bell manager dumps boiling water on customers that complain about order

A Texas Taco Bell manager poured boiling water on a woman and girl who asked for their incorrect order to be remade. 

The customers filed a lawsuit on Wednesday seeking over $1 million in damages after the women, Brittany Davis, and girl, identified as C.T., experienced the June 17 attack that “forever changed” their lives. 

“Instead of simply correcting the order, a Taco Bell employee threatened to fight C.T., a minor, and the Taco Bell store manager violently and without warning poured a bucket of boiling water over C.T.’s and Brittany’s heads, shoulder, breasts, and legs, causing excruciating second and third degree burns on their bodies,” the lawsuit claims. 

The woman and girl claim to have gone through the drive-through three times to get their order right, but the employees refused to correct it. 

They were then let into the locked dining room with the door secured shut behind them. 

They discussed their order with employees for 10 minutes before they “became combative.” A female manager who wasn’t involved in the conversation came from behind the counter and soaked the pair with the boiling water. 

The woman and child tried to leave the restaurant, but the door was still locked. They managed to get outside just before the employee returned with a second bucket of water. 

The employee then came outside the front door laughing and taunting the family as they were leaving the parking lot. 

Davis was having seizures due to the attack on the way to the hospital. The girl ran naked into the emergency room after stripping her body of her scalding clothing. 

Davis had at least 10 seizures and had deep burns on her chest and stomach. C.T. had severe burns on her face, chest, legs arms, and stomach. 

“When C.T. was released home from the hospital, her mother had to remove all mirrors from the walls, as C.T. could not bear to see her own face. The burns to the rest of her body caused her skin to bubble the size of softballs,” the filing reads. 

Taco Bell reps did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment on Tuesday. Local employees did not respond to requests for comments either. 

A judge is ordering the Taco Bell location to turn over any photos and video footage that was taken during the incident. 

It is unclear whether any arrests have been made.

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