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Competitive mom sends another mom flying during “family friendly” race day

Competitive mom sends another mom flying during "family friendly" race day

We all know how competitive kids can be. We might suspect higher standards from their parents. But one mother proved that theory wrong when she pushed another parent and sent her flying in an attempt to beat her in a race at her child’s school.

25-year-old Katie McDermott showed she was willing to do whatever it takes to win. Footage of the race shows her sprinting in a maxi dress alongside another mother. 

Seconds later, you see her giving her competitor a nudge which sent her falling over sideways. 

Katie later explained her behavior saying, “I told my daughter I would be number one, so I had to be.

“I could see she was winning so I just gave her a quick nudge and took off in the air.”

The two women were initially side by side, but after pushing her competitor, Katie was able to take the lead. 

“I don’t know what possessed me to do it, I was just thinking of how I wanted to win so badly. 

“I didn’t know the mum very well- everyone was shocked, but we just carried on as normal afterward.”

Fortunately, Katie apologized for her behavior saying, “If you see this, sorry that I pushed you- I didn’t mean to send you flying.”

“I don’t regret it though because I won,” she followed up jokingly. 

The woman who was filming could be heard laughing and was in hysterics as the other mum was sent flying across the track.

Embarrassing events happening in family friendly sporty events seem to be trending lately. The story comes on the heels of one about a woman who fell over during a parent’s racing event and ended up mooning everyone that was present.

Competitive mom sends another mom flying during "family friendly" race day


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