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Woman being held hostage in the Bronx uses GrubHub to call for help

Woman being held hostage in the Bronx uses GrubHub to call for help

A 24-year-old woman used Grubhub to contact the police while she was being allegedly held hostage in the Bronx. 

The unidentified woman had agreed to meet up with a man she had met over a dating app. She was later allegedly assaulted and raped by the man. 

The woman stated that the man took her phone away but let her have it back so she could order food. 

A copy of the order she placed to the food delivery service shows “Please call the police… please don’t make it obvious,” in the comments section. 

The message worked as planned. When the man opened the door expecting a food delivery, he was met by the police instead. 

The workers at Chipper Truck Café in Yonkers, NY received the woman’s Grubhub message at 5:20 AM on June 19. One of the restaurant’s owners, Alice Bermejo called her husband to ask what she should do. He told her to call the police. 

“We didn’t know if it was real or fake,” Alice explained. 

Police got to the address about an hour later and arrested 32-year-old Kemoy Royal. He is being charged with predatory sexual assault, rape, a criminal sex act and sexual abuse. 

He was arraigned on Sunday with a bail set for $25,000. He remains in custody and is scheduled to appear in court on Friday. 

He also faces separate charges of strangulation, sexual abuse and an attempted criminal sexual act for another incident that happened four days earlier involving a 26-year-old woman. 

Bermejo was later contacted by police officials who confirmed that the woman’s request for help was real and that she is now safe. 

“We are grateful that the girl is okay. That is the most important thing,” Bermejo said. 

Grubhub recognized Bermejo’s good deed in the form of a $5000 reward “that she can invest in her business as our way of recognizing her and (her family) for their quick thinking.”

Bermejo says the money will “definitely go to good use.”

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