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Couple receive noise warning after neighbors complain their sex “louder than a lawnmower”

Couple receive noise warning after neighbors complain their sex "louder than a lawnmower"

There are a variety of traits that neighbors value. Among them are the ability to be respectful of others when it comes to noise. That’s a memo a couple from the United Kingdom never received as their neighbors have issued complaints that their sex is ‘louder than a lawnmower. Lydia Barker, 31, and Billy Brown, 40, who live in a social housing community named Stonewater will now need to be monitored by the housing provider as a result of the neighbors’ complaints

They received a letter from the housing association saying, “We have been informed that you and your partner can be heard having sexual relations by other neighbors. In turn they have reported this to us, as they find it to be embarrassing and distressing.” Barker responded to the letter by saying, “It’s as if I’m a screamer. I’ve never had any noise issues before.” Providing further detail about her intimacy habits, she also said, “I’d not call my sex sessions extreme… a few moans and groans of course. We’re doing it morning, noon and night, but not anti-social hours.” To call the situation embarrassing would likely be an understatement. 

Taking that into mind, Barker thought the complaint she received from the housing association was “very extreme”, saying that she would have empathized with her neighbors if they would have just knocked on the door and asked them to bring the volume down a bit, or if they ‘stuck a polite note in the door’. Regardless of how Barker believes the situation should have been handled, now the housing association is tasked with ensuring the couple follows through with their promise to be more courteous to their neighbors. In a statement issued by the housing association, they said, “We will continue to work with both Ms Barker and her neighbors to help them live alongside each other amicably while respecting each others’ boundaries.” Only time will tell whether or not they’ll be able to coexist in the long run.

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