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Woman’s 50th birthday turns into Shameless style brawl caught on viral video

Every family fights, but here’s one that turned a 50th birthday party in Colne, Lancaster, England into a viral event. 

Lisa Keegan was enjoying her birthday celebration when a family friend, Adam, 40, snatched an e-cigarette from one of the teenagers at the party. 

Lisa’s daughter’s boyfriend Tony, 52, came to the boy’s aid and the situation got heated

Soon the two men were exchanging drunken punches with quite a few hitting the birthday girl instead of the intended subject. 

Lisa finally managed to break the men up and made it final by throwing a chair Tony’s way. 

The scene was caught on video and ended up going viral. The family was quoted on what happened and, fortunately, had a sense of humor about it. 

“You’re only 50 once and this is certainly a birthday I’ll never forget, it was mayhem,” said Lisa. 

“Adam was just winding people up, and he took (a lad’s) e-cig. Tony stuck up for him, but instead of punching Adam, he was punching me. 

“They couldn’t pack a punch because everyone was so drunk. I was in the middle of them to break it up, but I should have just left them to it. 

“The video’s hilarious. It’s like something out of Shameless. I was like a meme. When I fell over backwards, I just started laughing. Even the dog was barking to tell them off.

“When I watched it back, I thought, ‘oh my days’. I was embarrassed. We’ve been getting a lot of stick about it, but some people are calling me a legend. 

“A lot of my friends thing it’s brilliant.”

Tony managed to find the humor in it as well. 

“It’s funny to watch back. My girlfriend was falling over, Lisa was shouting and yelling. Everyone’s falling all over the place. 

“Adam was being cocky, but we were all p*ssed up. It was more funny than anything else. He’s not my mate but I know him. He’s a nice lad. 

“I accidentally threw a few punches at her, but I didn’t mean to. I didn’t even know. I was more tired than anything. I’m too old for that sort of thing. 

“There wasn’t anything malicious in it. We sorted it out and the police gave me a lift home,” Tony said referring to the Lancaster police showing up and escorting him home. 

The video was posted on social media and racked up over 13,000 shares and 300 comments.


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