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10 months into marriage, woman finds out her husband is actually a WOMAN

10 months into marriage, woman finds out her husband is actually a WOMAN

It may not be unusual to find out things you never knew about your spouse months after you’ve been married, but discovering they’re another gender? Now that’s odd. 

Yet that’s exactly what happened to an Indonesian woman who has come forward claiming she was married for ten months to a man who turned out to be a woman

The wife, known only as NA in legal documents, said she met her husband, AA, through online dating. 

AA claimed she was a surgeon in the coal business. They got married in a secret ceremony as AA could not produce the civil documents required for a legal ceremony. 

In Indonesia, where they lived, a secret wedding is not recognized by law, but it is recognized by religion. 

The two began living in NA’s parents house in Indonesia. During their marriage, AA repeatedly asked NA’s parents for money. The parents were suspicious as to why AA kept asking for money being that he (she) supposedly had an impressive career. 

AA eventually moved NA out of her parent’s house to live in South Sumatra where she was confined to their home for several months. NA said AA controlled their finances while they were there. 

NA’s mother became worried because she did not hear from her daughter for some time, and she contacted the police to track them down. 

It was during a police interview that AA revealed she was actually a woman whose initials were EY.

NA shared her story on social media. When asked about sexual relations, she said her partner would always turn off the lights and insist she wear a blindfold during sex. 

The parents are claiming that EY conned them out of over $20,000. They are currently suing for damages.


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