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Geico ordered to pay woman $5.2 million for catching HPV in car

Geico ordered to pay woman $5.2 million for catching HPV in car

Geico, a large insurance company, has been ordered to pay the plaintiff $5.2 million to cover the costs of a sexually transmitted disease. 

A Missouri appellate court rules that Geico must cover the cost of “injuries and losses” from contracting a disease obtained during an incident in 2017. This incident occurred with a man who was a motorist insured through Geico. This man known as “M.B.” in court documents had a 2014 Hyundai Genesis sedan that was insured through Geico. 

Geico refused to acknowledge the claim and denied paying out any money. “M.O.”, the plaintiff, alleged that she had sexual encounters with M.B. in his insured Hyundai sedan in 2017. As a result of these sexual encounters, M.O. contracted the human papillomavirus or HPV which is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause genital warts. 

In a 2014 Hyundai Genesis, the plaintiff was infected by her boyfriend with the virus. She claimed to have had sex with the motorist in his car which was insured by Geico. As a result, when she found out she had contracted genital warts, she made plans to get justice. She and M.B. signed an arbitration agreement where an arbitrator awarded M.O. with $5.2 million dollars to compensate her for catching the disease. 

The woman went to file in Jackson, Missouri’s circuit court to collect the awarded amount of $5.2 million and won in court. Her argument was that “[t]he man was insured against his personal liability arising from his negligent actions involving his automobile.” Geico, however, did not agree. 

The mega giant in insurance companies decided to appeal the results from circuit court. Geico took it to the higher state court to appeal the decision but lost again. The insurance company argued that it had not been given the proper due diligence to defend itself during the allegations and court proceedings. However, this was over-ruled due to the fact that Geico originally denied the claim, forcing M.O. and M.B. to sign an arbitration agreement. 

Geico again appealed the decision from the higher court, stating that there was underhand mischief at play and possibly fraud. The courts looked at the case one more time and ruled that Geico would indeed be responsible for paying out $5.2 million dollars to M.O. for her “injuries and losses” from the sexually transmitted disease she contracted.

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3-year-old boy found alive after surviving alone in the Montana wilderness for 2 days

3-year-old boy found alive after surviving alone in the Montana wilderness for 2 days

One of the most terrifying situations a parent could find themselves in came true for a Montana family recently when 3-year-old boy Ryker Webb went missing in the wilderness last weekend. The boy went missing around 5 p.m. on Friday evening while he was playing with the family dog outside of the home, according to a Facebook post shared by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. The police department was notified of his disappearance when a “concerned neighbor” reported a “possible missing child in the Bull Lake area” according to the Facebook post shared by the police department. 

According to Lincoln County Sheriff Darren Short, the child and his father “were in the yard together” when the father went inside the home for a moment,” according to a local news station. After returning, the father soon realized his father “was gone.” Eventually, neighbors received a Code Red Alert and were asked to search their own properties and structures for the child. According to authorities, when he was found on Sunday, there were more than 50 people actively searching for him. Fortunately, he was found “in good spirits and apparently healthy” when he was found on Sunday in Sanders County, Montana.

After being found by deputies, Webb was reportedly “hungry, thirsty and cold.” The weather while he was missing created adverse conditions for search crews, who used all-terrain vehicles, drones, and dog teams. Officers from the Spokane Police Department, two Montana Air National Guard helicopters, and drones from Flathead County also participated in the search that Saturday. Local authorities were thankful for the help of everyone involved. Hopefully, the situation that unfolded with this family served as a lesson to others to always keep a lookout for young children when they are out playing this summer.

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3 people stabbed in an Encino, CA hospital by a man identifying as a patient

3 people stabbed in an Encino, CA hospital by a man identifying as a patient

A man was accused of stabbing a doctor and two nurses inside Encino Hospital Medical Center on Friday. 

According to the L.A. Police Department, he identified himself as a patient prior to the attack. 

He was taken into custody late Friday after a four-hour standoff. He was later identified as 35-year-old Ashkan Amirsoleymani. 

The man was arrested on three counts of attempted murder. Bail has been set at $3 million

The police failed to negotiate with the man who hid out near the emergency room after the stabbing took place. 

The block of Ventura Blvd. where the hospital is located transformed into a chaotic scene as SWAT teams moved in. 

Investigators estimate that the attack took place at 3:50 PM. One ultrasound technician saw the attacker just before he committed the violent act. 

“He looked high. He just looked very anxious. He was sweating a lot. Half his shirt was drenched with sweat. He had a dog with him,” the technician said. 

The police eventually contained the attacker in the room near the ER where he was hiding out. People evacuated the building in front of spectators who were shocked by what they saw. 

“We saw people coming out. Bloody people, kind of. Regular patients too. I think they were kind of evacuating,” said one witness. 

“I’m praying for all their families. The doctors, the nurses, the patients. I’m disgusted by all the violence that’s been happening lately,” said another. 

Two of the victims were treated at and released from Dignity Health Northridge Medical Center. One victim remains in stable condition. 

“We eventually had to employ some of our other methods outside of negotiations and he was taken into custody. He was being transported to a local hospital for now, for injuries that appear to be self-inflicted. He’ll be treated there and subsequently booked,” said Deputy Chief Alan of the LAPD Valley Bureau. 

Police revealed that the attacker had been arrested twice in the past for assaulting police officers among other run-ins with the law. He was most recently arrested last year. 

The attacker acted alone and did not appear to be targeting anyone in particular. The weapon recovered at the scene was described as a knife with a 3-to-4-inch blade.

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My neighbor’s moving away gift was smeared dog poo on my front door

My neighbor's moving away gift was smeared dog poo on my front door

Courtney Cobb, 20, and her 23-year-old boyfriend Chapman moved into their home in Wallsend, North Tyneside, England in 2021. They were friendly with their neighbor at first but soon found him to be troublesome due to his smoking and playing loud music. This was especially concerning considering they had a newborn baby. 

The neighbor finally decided to move out but stopped at the couple’s doorstep for revenge before he left. They believe he smeared dog poop on their front door and handle. 

“We thought we heard someone at our door touching the handle, but we thought it’s not the postman or anything, so we left it,” Courtney described.

“A delivery driver came to drop off our food and he was like, ‘what’s that on your door?’ and we looked and just knew straight away who it was.”

“My partner was furious, and I was just scared. I was crying.” 

Courtney texted the man about the incident, and he denied being responsible. However, she found out that he was bragging about it to other neighbors on the street. 

The police were called to the scene, but no arrests were made. 

The neighbor also spoke to the press to defend his honor. 

“I’ve had nothing but hassle from her, that’s why I’ve moved out. I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong; they’ve just caused aggravation unnecessarily.” 

“She’s made loads of lies up about me. I’m a hard-working lad.”

“I run a business where I have lads working for me and I’m out of the house pretty much 12 hours a day. I’m getting back at like eight or nine o’clock and going straight to bed.”

“I’ve never played music and I certainly don’t smoke.”

“I had police at my door because they’ve called the police, they’ve come numerous times and walked away. There’s been no action taken because I’ve not done anything.”

“I’ve just been having my life disrupted for the past year and I don’t know what their problem is.”

“I’ve bought my own property and moved out. They’ve complained the last year and I can’t be dealing with being next to them.”

“I did not rub poo on the door.”

Strange story. What do you think really happened?

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My husband came out as trans after 11 years of marriage and is now my wife

My husband came out as trans after 11 years of marriage and is now my wife

Author Jess DeCourcy Hinds’s husband Stefan came out as a trans woman after over a decade of marriage. The two decided to stay together, and Stefan, now Stefanie became Jess’s wife. The two reveal that they are much happier now. 

Jess shared her story saying, “It has been almost a year now, and I’m no longer surprised by the changes in her physical appearance. She’s gorgeous, but I’m still in shock about the personality changes.”

She describes how Stefanie enjoys shopping for feminine clothing. “I was also surprised when she offered to push the toddler’s stroller so I could shop unencumbered,” Jess revealed. 

“I’d never heard of the expression ‘gender euphoria’ before my wife came out. The media loves to emphasize the negative sides of trans people’s lives, but the flip side of gender dysphoria, the euphoria- deserves attention too. 

“Stefanie’s coming out has improved both her life and our family life. Our children (two girls ages 9 and 2) barely blinked the first time they saw their father in a dress. But they’ve definitely noticed that Stefanie takes them to the zoo and trampoline park more.”

Jess reflects on a time when things weren’t so good for the couple. 

“For years, my husband had Googled transgender stories and medical transition without quite knowing why. He (she) repressed these desires out of fear of stigmatization and losing our marriage. The strain of secrecy burdened us both. Now we are both exhaling. 

Jess, who is bisexual, values nontraditional gender expressions. She had noticed her husband’s sensitivity but hadn’t seen any ‘typical’ signs of him (her) being trans until he (she) came out. 

She notes that Stefanie is happier too and says, “the music inside her finally became melodious. As her wife, I hear this music too. I can’t help but dance with her, even in the middle of a discount clothing store.”

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‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star starts selling boob sweat to her thirstiest fans

‘90 Day Fiancé Star’ start selling boob sweat to her simps

Those who pay close attention to the news might recall a story from a few months back when an attractive female actor took the internet by storm after admitting she sells her farts in jars for tens of thousands of dollars. That woman, Stephanie Matto, is back in the headlines, this time for admitting she has another side business going. Matto is selling bottles of boob sweat.

A Hustler in Every Sense of the Word

Matto, the former star of “90 Day Fiance”, noted that she is “here for it” if the new hustle is boob sweat. She made the comments in an interview with a representative from Jam press. Matto also noted that this will be a hot girl summer and her boobs will be sweating so she might as well bottle and sell it to the thirsty masses.

‘90 Day Fiancé Star’ start selling boob sweat to her simps

Matto insists it merely takes 15 minutes to fill up a jar with her boob sweat. She admits she has a bit of a cheat code as she hangs out by the pool on sunny spring and summer days to collect the sweat. The blazing hot temperatures to finish off the spring have made it that much easier to work up a sweat for Matto’s adoring fans.

A Thirsty Audience

Though Matto no longer bottles her flatulence after her initial push to do so led to a health scare, it appears as though her boob sweat business is booming. Matto noted that her bottles of boob sweat are selling for $500 a piece. Though the boob sweat isn’t as expensive as her previous offering, it’s a significant amount of money for doing very little work.  

Matto is certainly doing her part to keep her audience satiated. Stay tuned to see if the actress’s effort to please her customers leads to another health issue this summer or if she’ll continue to rake in the cash

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