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Amber Heard’s net worth isn’t enough to cover the $10 Million Depp judgment

Amber Heard's net worth isn't enough to cover the $10 Million Depp judgment

According to Elaine Bredehoft, the attorney for actor Amber Heard, the $10 million judgment awarded by the court in favor of Johnny Depp is egregiously high.  Bredehoft insists the figure is so steep that there is no way Heard could afford to pay it.  The attorney insists the only reason why Depp emerged victorious in the legal matter is because a significant amount of evidence was allegedly suppressed from being shown in the courtroom.

The Damages Will Not Be Paid

Members of the press recently pushed Bredehoft on the potential for Heard to simply not pay the damages awarded by the court.  Bredehoft replied that Heard will not be paying the damages.  Instead, the actor will appeal the decisions on the three defamation claims that link back to Heard’s op-ed as published in the 2018 Washington Post.  

Bredehoft insists Heard has solid legal footing for a successful appeal, one that could possibly lead to a reversal of the damages or at least a meaningful reduction.  Heard has cancelled all interviews that were scheduled before the court’s decision was revealed.

Will an Appeal Reduce the Payout?

The question is whether Depp’s legal team would be able to quash essential evidence in the form of medical records in the event of an appeal.  Those medical records were suppressed in the initial trial.  The medical records in question are important as they reveal a pattern of Heard reporting to her therapist dating back nearly a decade. 

When the evidence in question was considered in a similar case between the two actors in the UK, Heard emerged as the victor.  Furthermore, Heard’s attorney is adamant that the jury should be aware of the fact that Depp has allegedly committed at least a dozen acts of domestic violence.  One of those alleged acts included an act of sexual violence against Heard.  Stay tuned as Heard’s legal appeal takes shape in the months ahead.

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