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‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star starts selling boob sweat to her thirstiest fans

‘90 Day Fiancé Star’ start selling boob sweat to her simps

Those who pay close attention to the news might recall a story from a few months back when an attractive female actor took the internet by storm after admitting she sells her farts in jars for tens of thousands of dollars. That woman, Stephanie Matto, is back in the headlines, this time for admitting she has another side business going. Matto is selling bottles of boob sweat.

A Hustler in Every Sense of the Word

Matto, the former star of “90 Day Fiance”, noted that she is “here for it” if the new hustle is boob sweat. She made the comments in an interview with a representative from Jam press. Matto also noted that this will be a hot girl summer and her boobs will be sweating so she might as well bottle and sell it to the thirsty masses.

‘90 Day Fiancé Star’ start selling boob sweat to her simps

Matto insists it merely takes 15 minutes to fill up a jar with her boob sweat. She admits she has a bit of a cheat code as she hangs out by the pool on sunny spring and summer days to collect the sweat. The blazing hot temperatures to finish off the spring have made it that much easier to work up a sweat for Matto’s adoring fans.

A Thirsty Audience

Though Matto no longer bottles her flatulence after her initial push to do so led to a health scare, it appears as though her boob sweat business is booming. Matto noted that her bottles of boob sweat are selling for $500 a piece. Though the boob sweat isn’t as expensive as her previous offering, it’s a significant amount of money for doing very little work.  

Matto is certainly doing her part to keep her audience satiated. Stay tuned to see if the actress’s effort to please her customers leads to another health issue this summer or if she’ll continue to rake in the cash

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