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Instagram influencer sleeps with Meta employees to reactivate her account

Instagram influencer sleeps with Meta employees to reactivate her account

It’s not unusual for adult content creators to get kicked off their social media accounts, sometimes even when they are not doing anything to violate the terms of service. There’s also a thriving market for third-party vendors who are willing to help people get their accounts back for a fee.

One OnlyFans content creator found a more innovative way to get her Instagram account back after it was removed. She had sex with a Meta employee. 

Then, when her account was removed again, she found another employee to have sex with. 

OnlyFans model Kitty Lixo has gotten her 150,000 plus follower account removed by Instagram a total of four times. She was recently interviewed on the podcast No Jumper. 

When asked what the sluttiest thing she ever did was, Kitty, revealed that she slept with a Meta employee (who she already knew) to get her account back. She sought out other Meta employees to sleep with through her podcasting and Bay Area connections to do the same thing when her account was taken down again. 

“There was no quid pro quo,” Kitty explained in her interview. “There was no like, ’Hey, if I blow you, will you put it on review for me?’ There was no explicit exchange for services for sex whatsoever.”

However, she says that getting her account back was absolutely in the back of her mind. 

“There’s nothing technically against the rules for fraternizing with friends outside the company. I feel like what I kind of did was just, I socially engineered a situation that was beneficial for me.”

Kitty says she has gotten both support and criticism for what she did. However, she believes she made a wise move because it highlighted the inconsistency of social media platforms’ content moderation guidelines and the resulting difficulties creators that are reliant on those platforms for income face. 

“As a creator, you work really, really hard … and you need these platforms to continue your growth and your business.” 

“These platforms need you because you’re a creator on their platform. And it kind of seems that…when something like this happens, the platform doesn’t appreciate what their platform is built out of.”

Kitty has not heard back from Meta after the interview, but some of her paramours responded saying “They were really amused,” by what she had to say.

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