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Pimp charged with sex trafficking and grisly murder of prostitute

Pimp charged with sex trafficking and grisly murder of prostitute

A pimp in Brooklyn, New York has been charged with multiple counts of sex trafficking along with murder. Somoire Moses (AKA “Sugar Bear”) was charged with the grisly death of Leondra Foster, who was found in a freezer with her severed head in 2017. The two had been dating at the time of the incident.

Moses will be facing federal sex trafficking charges dating back to 2003. The victims included women and also minors. He previously faced the same murder charged but had been found not guilty.

He did receive convictions for negligent homicide and concealing a corpse. Federal investigators stated that Moses had beaten Foster to death and dismembered her afterwards. He intended to dispose of parts of her body in the Bronx, but a tattoo located on the victim’s foot had his name on it.

Not wanting to be linked to the crime, Moses decided to store the remains in a freezer in his apartment. He was known for having a history of violence with victims who worked as prostitutes. According to one of them, Moses would tase them repeatedly until they complied with his demands.

Another reported being cut on her back and arms repeatedly and being beaten with a belt. The FBI worked with the NYPD to gather enough evidence to charge Moses of his crimes and also retry him for a murder that he likely committed a few years ago.

If convicted, Moses could be facing a life sentence. However, the death penalty isn’t out of the question given the nature of the crime. The investigation may still be continuing and the FBI is encouraging persons familiar with Moses or his victims to contact them if they have any information on the case.

This gruesome incident is a reminder that sex trafficking is a serious issue in this country. Many women and even minor females are either held against their will and are abused regularly. They are forced to prostitute themselves and face sexual assault and trauma.

Moses is a prime example that those involved with sex trafficking can go to great lengths to get their victims to comply. It’s also important to learn the signs that such issues may be going on, even if they appear to be in plain sight. If you suspect something, please contact your local authorities and provide as much information as possible.

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