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OnlyFans stars makes $250k a year from simps asking her to fart in jars

OnlyFans stars makes $250k a year with fans asking her to fart in a jar

One of Britain’s top adult stars is opening up about how she earns up to £250,000 a year from OnlyFans, as she stated she is inundated with weird requests all the time, which includes people wanting her to “fart in jars,” Wales Online reported.

Yasmina Khan, 25, is in the top 0.3% of OnlyFans creators across the globe and one of the most popular Bengali creators from the UK. Khan also has 300,000 followers on Twitter, so she is getting a lot of requests daily, which includes some unusual ones. Khan said, “I get them almost every day. I get people asking me to fart in jars, p**s in pots, and send it to them, and they’ve even asked for toenails. I always get asked to sell pants and bras. I recently got asked to p**s in my leggings and post it to someone,” Wales Online stated.

She doesn’t always say yes to these requests though. For the leggings request, Yasmina told Wales Online, “I said no, and he said ‘what’s wrong with British girls, American girls would this – they’re freaky, unlike British girls”.

While she denied doing the leggings request, she did not confirm or deny whether or not she fulfills the requests for farts in jars. However, she has been on OnlyFans for about three years now and has posted more than 1,100 times. She admits to making about £20-£25k per month, which has allowed her to save up almost £100k to buy a new house.

As she became more popular, Khan was worried about more and more of her footage being leaked online, but now she is embracing the leaks. She said her content gets leaked about 1,000 times a day. She said, “It’s very good promotion, because at first when my stuff would get leaked, I would sit crying because that was my hard f***ing work just on a website for free,” Wales Online reported.

However, she has a new mindset about it. Yasmina said, “I probably gain more subscribers from finding me on leaks websites than I do on social media – so I’m like, it’s a win-win. I am going to be leaked and I do have a legal team now, but I tell them to just slow down because I’ve gained a lot of traffic from it, and when they get rid of most things online, I lose out on subscribers.”

She is thinking of long-term plans too, as she plans on opening a nail or beauty salon this year, as well as a sandwich toastie restaurant since she is a huge foodie.

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