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Man gets drunk, gives himself face tattoo and it goes viral on TikTok

The things people will do for likes on social media? Not really for this gentleman, as this was the first video TikToker @crisggrim made on the social media platform and it was a good one, as he gave himself a face tattoo and had “no ragrets” about it.

In the video, which can be seen here, the man has a tattoo gun and he is making a face tattoo on himself. No doubt about it, but he has already enjoyed some adult beverages, as one of the hashtags on the video is drunk. And he is no stranger to tattoos either, as you can see tattoos on his hand and body in the video.

The man is a self-proclaimed punk rock artist from Los Angeles and he decided to have “no ragrets” about putting an upside down cross right between his eyes. He didn’t go subtle with this one, as it was right there out in the open.

In the video, he is definitely shaky and not making the best of lines. However, he did a follow-up video of the final tattoo and we aren’t going to lie, it doesn’t look half bad. As expected, the video has gone viral and he has gained over 3 million views on his first TikTok video ever. The follow-up video (his second video on the app) even has over 400K views.

As it went viral, there were many mixed opinions of users on TikTok. Some compared the tattoo to Harry Potter, as one user said, “hey mom look i’m harry potter.” Another user liked it and said, “Dopeeee.” Someone else said, “That’s riiiiight!!! Drive fast and take chances!!!!!”

On the other side of things, one commenter said “this hurts to watch” and another said, “No u will regret this. U prolly already do.” Another user said, “But it’s like what’s the point…”

We aren’t sure of what the point was, but he clearly likes tattoos and when you have had a few too many drinks you sometimes make some bold choices. He may regret it someday, but for now, no ragrets from him.

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