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Son Of John Lennon Breaks Promise Of Not Singing Dad’s Famous Song

John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ has been famous since The Beatles broke up. The anthem became a song for peace. However, one of his musician sons vowed to never perform it.

Until now. Julian Lennon stated that he never planned on publicly playing ‘Imagine’ in the past. However, the current conflict in Ukraine was enough for him to have a change of heart.

He released his own rendition of the song alongside Nuno Bettencourt (known for being in the rock group Extreme). A video of the song was made in honor of the social media rally ‘Stand Up For Ukraine’. When asked about the performance, Lennon said that the war in Ukraine was an unimaginable tragedy.

He said that he felt compelled to respond. That was when he decided to perform Imagine for the first time ever. Julian understood why his father wrote it because it was his desire for the world to be peaceful.

Julian Lennon called on world leaders to stand up for Ukrainians who are fleeing their homeland and to open up their doors so they can find safety. While Julian has now performed it once, his brother Sean Ono Lennon has done his own rendition several times.

Ono Lennon also performed many of his dad’s solo works over the years. However, Julian’s performance of ‘Imagine’ was brilliant. It’s as if John himself was singing it.

Many Beatles fans young and old would agree that John Lennon himself would be proud of his son’s version of the song. It’s what he would have wanted in a world of conflict these days. 

It’s one thing to keep your promise and then break them for the wrong reasons. However, while the war in Ukraine still rages on, you may feel that it’s best to break a promise for a greater good, even if that greater good is spreading the message of peace and goodwill.

It’s uncertain as to why he never wanted to do a public performance of the song in the first place. Needless to say, Julian did an excellent job performing the song.

Will it be the only time he ever does it? No one knows for sure.

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