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Miracle Baby Born with 2 Heads, 3 Hands Leaves Doctors Stunned

Miracle Baby Born with 2 Heads, 3 Hands Leaves Doctors Stunned

The final hours of a pregnancy when labor is imminent can be nerve-wracking for a variety of reasons. There’s no guarantee what could happen once the mother enters the hospital room. There are numerous things that could go wrong during labor, both with the mother or the child. 

When most mothers go into labor, the last outcome they want is a once in a lifetime medical phenomenon. That’s the exact situation a new mother named Shaheen Khan, of Ratlam, India went through after she gave birth to a miracle baby with two heads. The mother was originally anticipating twins based on her ultrasound results. She ended up giving birth to infants who have the rare dicephalic parapagus disorder. Dicephalic parapagus occurs within the womb and is typically thought of as a fatal condition, usually resulting in stillbirth.

It remains to be seen whether doctors will treat the newborn as a single infant or as conjoined twins. Doctors don’t plan on operating since the child survived the “initial” days. The doctor tasked with treating Khan’s newborn said, “these kinds of cases are rare and the condition of the babies remains uncertain, especially in the initial days.” The newborn is being held in a separate facility while Khan continues to undergo treatment in Ratlam. Khan’s doctor is treating the newborns in the nearby town of Indore. 

Even though there’s still no surgery planned in this situation, just a year ago a pair of conjoined twins endured a 16-hour surgery by medical miracle makers. In that situation, any mistake occurring on the operating table could have proven fatal. The procedure took a team of 10 surgeons to complete. Apparently, the twins who underwent that surgery still see themselves as one person.

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