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Goonew’s Body Propped Up at Nightclub for “Disrespectful” Viewing

Goonew’s Body Propped Up at Nightclub for "Disrespectful" Viewing

A Maryland rapper was recently shot to death and fans were quite shocked over the weekend, as a club in Washington, D.C., had the rapper’s body propped up and on display inside the club, officials said.

On March 18, 24-year-old rapper Goonew was shot in a parking lot in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Yahoo! News reported. He was taken to a local hospital, but died several hours later.

According to Goonew’s family, they believe he was the victim of an armed robbery and a $25,000 reward has been offered by the Prince George’s County Police Department for any information leading to the shooter’s arrest.

On April 3, it looks like the rapper’s family and friends decided to have a celebratory event at Bliss Nightclub in Washington, D.C. According to Yahoo! News, the night was being billed as Goonew’s “final show.”

To the shock of many, Goonew received the Weekend at Bernie’s treatment for this “final show.” It wasn’t just a celebration of his life, but the embalmed corpse of Goonew was propped upright and put on full display during the event. To add to it, he was wearing a crown and designer clothing, Yahoo! News reported.

While tickets to get into the club were selling for $40 each, it looks like video from the event made its way online and fans were in quite an uproar over the display of his propped-up body. One fan said, “It’s no way y’all supporting Goonew standing up in a club for a funeral. Ultimate disrespect let that man Rest In Peace the correct way!”

Another fan added, “Like I gotta respect everything. Is a funeral in a club unorthodox, yes. But to each their own. Goonew was a rapper. A casket just would’ve been respectful.”

Bliss Nightclub posted on social media to issue an apology for what went down, “Our deepest condolences to Goonew’s family, friends, and fans. Bliss was contacted by a local funeral home to rent out our venue for Goonew’s home-going celebration. Bliss was never made aware of what would transpire. We sincerely apologize to all those who may be upset or offended. Please keep Goonew’s family and friends in your prayers at this difficult time. Respectfully, Bliss DC,” Complex reported.

Meanwhile, the shooting is still under investigation, as police continue to search for suspects and a motive.

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