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Georgia Cop Caught Having Sex Behind Squad Car in Viral TikTok

Georgia Cop Caught Having Sex Behind Squad Car in Viral TikTok

A cop in Georgia was thinking no one could possibly be watching, as he pulled his squad car off a quiet road in a small Georgia town and proceeded to walk around back and have sex with someone while he was still in uniform, police said.

The only problem with that: someone was watching! A worker on a nearby telecommunications tower started filming the dirty deeds and uploaded the videos to TikTok last week, which have since surpassed over 15 million views. Yeah, there were quite a few people watching, officer!

In one of the videos, the TikTok account captioned it, “Police caught on cam!!!” and used the hashtags #towerclimbers and #dirtydeeds. 

Millen Police Officer Larry “Benjamin” Thompson was identified as the officer in the video and Yahoo! News reported that he has quit since the video has gone viral. It’s also been reported that Thompson has quite a record of misconduct during his time with the force.

It looks like satellite maps from the area helped to find the same tower used to record the videos, which has a cemetery nearby and a school across the street. Millen Police Chief Dwayne Herrington said he was planning on meeting with Thompson on March 28, but that he quit beforehand, Yahoo! News stated. Thompson has worked on-and-off with the department since 2015.

In November 2019, Thompson was involved in a car crash while he was working. A 76-year-old driver was killed when Thompson t-boned his car while racing to a call at 86 miles per hour!

An investigation also took place when Thompson was working for the Millen fire department in 2017. At the time, it stated Thompson accidentally discharged his gun, and shot a colleague in the arm. Thompson claimed the gun malfunctioned while he was cleaning it. However, an internal investigation found the gun had no malfunctions. In the investigation, it states, “This is not an excuse to be accepted; only a reflection after the fact. Though it is referred to as an ‘accidental discharge,’ essentially it is a ‘negligent discharge.’”

The issues and investigations continued for Thompson, who was never actually fired for any of these issues. In 2020, a woman Thompson was in a relationship with contacted Millen Police and accused him of harassing her. He did admit to running her tags to find her new address, and claimed he was just trying to return some of her stuff to her, Yahoo! News reported.

At the time, he was suspended for two days. Thompson was back on the force and found someone new, as we saw in the video! It looks like this was the last straw, after Thompson quit.

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Woman dies of shock at own funeral after waking up in coffin

Woman dies of shock at own funeral after waking up in coffin

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov was just 49 years old when she had a heart attack in 2011. She was declared dead from what was thought to be a fatal condition. 

Her husband decided to have an open coffin funeral. Imagine his surprise when his wife popped out of her coffin when he went up to say his final farewells. 

The woman started screaming and was rushed to the hospital where medical experts attempted to save her life, but she only survived 12 minutes. The shock was so great that it caused another heart attack, and she was once again declared deceased, this time permanently. 

Her husband was very distressed by the situation. “I am very angry, and I want answers,” he said. “She wasn’t dead, and they said she was and they could have saved her.”

Hospital spokeswoman Minsalih Shahapov made a statement assuring that an investigation would be conducted to investigate the matter. 

Fagilyu’s ‘fake death’ is far from the only one of its kind. Previously this year, Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca was pronounced dead from a car crash. She surprised her funeral guests by waking up and banging on her coffin during her service in Lambayque, Peru. 

Rosa had been in a car accident that killed her brother-in-law and left her three nephews injured. 

During the funeral, guests lifted her coffin onto their shoulders when they began hearing knocking noises coming from inside of it. 

They immediately put the coffin down and opened it to find Rosa alive and peering up at them. 

“(She) opened her eyes and was sweating. I immediately went to my office and called the police,” cemetery caretaker Juan Segundo Cajo recalls. 

Her family picked up the coffin with Rosa inside of it and took it to a nearby hospital. 

Like Fagilyu, Rosa’s revival was short-lived. Her signs of life were weak. She was put on life support but she ‘died for good’ a few hours later. 

Her family is left asking for answers and wondering why she was “declared dead in the first place.”

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Man gets drunk, gives himself face tattoo and it goes viral on TikTok

Man gets drunk, gives himself face tattoo and it goes viral on TikTok

The things people will do for likes on social media? Not really for this gentleman, as this was the first video TikToker @crisggrim made on the social media platform and it was a good one, as he gave himself a face tattoo and had “no ragrets” about it.

In the video, which can be seen here, the man has a tattoo gun and he is making a face tattoo on himself. No doubt about it, but he has already enjoyed some adult beverages, as one of the hashtags on the video is drunk. And he is no stranger to tattoos either, as you can see tattoos on his hand and body in the video.

The man is a self-proclaimed punk rock artist from Los Angeles and he decided to have “no ragrets” about putting an upside down cross right between his eyes. He didn’t go subtle with this one, as it was right there out in the open.

In the video, he is definitely shaky and not making the best of lines. However, he did a follow-up video of the final tattoo and we aren’t going to lie, it doesn’t look half bad. As expected, the video has gone viral and he has gained over 3 million views on his first TikTok video ever. The follow-up video (his second video on the app) even has over 400K views.

As it went viral, there were many mixed opinions of users on TikTok. Some compared the tattoo to Harry Potter, as one user said, “hey mom look i’m harry potter.” Another user liked it and said, “Dopeeee.” Someone else said, “That’s riiiiight!!! Drive fast and take chances!!!!!”

On the other side of things, one commenter said “this hurts to watch” and another said, “No u will regret this. U prolly already do.” Another user said, “But it’s like what’s the point…”

We aren’t sure of what the point was, but he clearly likes tattoos and when you have had a few too many drinks you sometimes make some bold choices. He may regret it someday, but for now, no ragrets from him.

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Cop allegedly caught masturbating in front of family during disturbance call

Cop allegedly caught masturbating in front of family during disturbance call

A family in California called the police for help with a domestic disturbance, but instead a cop was arrested after he was caught masturbating inside their home, authorities said.

On April 21, police officers from the San Jose Police Department were called to a home on a report of a mentally ill family member getting violent, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said. One of those officers was 32-year-old Matthew Dominguez, who allegedly “touched himself” in front of two female family members and then exposed himself to the mother, officials said.

The women were “shocked and scared” and ran to two men elsewhere in the house. One of those men allegedly saw Dominguez exposing himself in the dining area of the home, authorities said. District Attorney Jeff Rosen said, “The charged behavior is beyond disturbing. Law enforcement officers respond to our homes to help crime victims, not terrorize, traumatize, and create new victims.”

Dominguez, who has worked for the department for four years, allegedly sent two other officers away to find the mentally ill family member before exposing himself to the family members, officials said.

According to the department, Dominguez was put on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. He was also charged with indecent exposure and could face a year in jail and 10 years on the sex offender registry.

A YouTube video was released showing Police Chief Anthony Mata walking Dominguez out of the department’s Internal Affairs Office, the New York Post reported. Mata said, “Last week I said that when an officer violated the public’s trust or engages in criminal conduct I would personally walk that Officer out the door. Today I did it.”

The department has been having some issues the past few weeks, as another officer was put on leave after responding drunk to a report of a kidnapping. Another officer is being investigated for trading a meth pipe to a woman in exchange for information, the New York Post stated. To help with the issue, the police chief wants to change disciplinary proceedings, which would allow him to “speak openly with the public.”

In a statement from Mata, he said, “Let me start by sharing my commitment to transparency. The days of saying this is a ‘personnel matter’ are over in the San Jose Police Department. My administration and I will share what we can when it comes to investigations. Although the amount of information we can provide may be limited, we will provide it,” the New York Post reported.

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Man’s penis turns black and falls off after he injects it with cocaine

Man’s penis turns black and falls off after he injects it with cocaine

Shooting drugs is always dangerous, no matter what. One area you definitely don’t want to inject drugs is the penis. Here’s what happened recently with one man’s drug use terrifying mishap. 

A 35-year-old man arrived at the BronxCare Hospital in New York in excruciating pain after injecting cocaine into the dorsal vein of his penis. It is the vein that runs the entire length of the shaft. 

Reportedly, he had been using the vein since most of his other injection sites were damaged due to an extensive history of intravenous drug use. He admitted to having injected cocaine into the same site at least twice in the last two weeks without issue. 

Upon examination, doctors found that his penis was inflamed, ulcerous, and was excreting a “foul-smelling serious discharge”. He was also diagnosed with necrosis, or rotting tissue, in the area. 

The medical staff put him on an IV of antibiotics and his condition slowly improved. He refused to have surgery to cut away dying tissue from his penis, but consented to wound care. 

He spent five days on antibiotics and was given a 10-day course of pills for follow-up. 

It may come as no surprise that the man never returned to the hospital for follow-up treatment, so it is unclear as to whether he made a full recovery. 

“His clinical condition improved, but he refused to go for drug rehabilitation treatment and was later lost to follow-up,” his medical records state.

Cocaine is a particularly dangerous drug to inject. 

“Any route of administration can potentially lead to absorption of toxic amounts of cocaine causing heart attacks, strokes, or seizures, all of which can result in sudden death,” experts warn

It is also possible that cocaine may be cut with levamisole, a parasitic worming treatment for animals that causes skin to rot. The New York medics were unable to test for levamisole in their patient due to a lack of follow up.

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Dad criticized for shooting cigarette out of son’s mouth in viral video

Dad criticized for shooting cigarette out of son’s mouth in viral video

A father is being criticized for posting a video of himself getting some target practice by shooting at a cigarette placed in his son’s mouth. 

The unnamed man in question was shown in the video instructing his son to hold a cigarette in his mouth so he could show off his marksmanship skills. The 47-second clip is said to be shot somewhere south of Iraq. 

In the footage, the boy holds the cigarette in his mouth with his head tilted up, making it an easier target to hit. 

The man walks into the frame carrying a Kalashnikov (AK) assault rifle. He demands his son stay motionless before he crouches into a squatting position, aims, and fires, blasting the tip of the cigarette and narrowly missing his son’s head. 

The boy flinches slightly as the gun is fired and then takes the cigarette out of his mouth. The footage ends with the man holding up the cigarette’s remains to the camera to further emphasize his shooting skills. 

The video is being shared by activists on social media who are criticizing the man for extreme child endangerment. 

“A sniper in Iraq puts a child’s life on the line. He risks the life of a child to prove his worth,” a spokesperson for the non-governmental group Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights tweeted. 

Although the boy was not injured in the video, his father was condemned by many viewers who implored authorities to arrest the father and charge him with attempted murder. It is unclear as to whether any charges will be made against him. 

Similar incidents have ended in tragedy. In November, a Texas hunter accidentally shot and killed his 11-year-old daughter as the result of a gun mishap. 

Earlier in the week, a man appeared in a video shooting at a target placed in his little girl’s mouth.

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