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Florida Man Arrested for Drugs After Getting Locked in a Porta-Potty

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If you are going to be carrying drugs, you generally want to stay as inconspicuous as possible. If you’re stuck in a porta-potty, you need to make your presence known. So, what happens when those two worlds collide?

That’s a question that’s been recently answered by James Gousse of Collier, Florida

Gousse somehow got himself stuck in a porta potty. Police were called to the scene by bystanders who reported a suspicious person. When they got to the location, they heard Gousse yelling from inside the porta potty. 

They also “observed a foot sticking out of the bottom of a single porta potty.”

When the police finally got the door open, they found a man inside who identified himself as James Gousse. He said the door jammed when he got his foot stuck in it. 

Police asked Gousse to step out of the porta potty and have a seat. When they searched the interior, they found a white powdery substance and a syringe. The powder was in one small bag and there was also a larger bag filled with smaller baggies. 

The powder later tested positive for fentanyl. The total amount measured .5 grams

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that’s 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine. It can be prescribed for pain management, but it is often sold on the streets. When sold by dealers, it can be mixed with substances that are unhealthy to ingest like baby powder. 

The drug is becoming more popular, and it has contributed to the opioid crisis that is all too prevalent in America, and around the world. 

Gousse is now facing two drug charges, including possession of a controlled substance. 

It’s fortunate that Gousse was rescued from the porta-potty, but it makes one wonder, is jail any better?

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