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Woman’s Drunk Mistake Leads to a 10 Year Long Man Hunt

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Many of us get tattoos we regret, but one unfortunate woman’s drunk mistake turned into a lifetime mission. 

Kaylie Williams was on vacation with her girlfriends in Magaluf, Spain when she met Daniel Forde on a wild night out. Daniel offered her $33 to have his name tattooed on her buttocks and she drunkenly agreed. 

“I’m a bit of a party animal and I was just having a fun time with my friends. On one night out, we saw a group of lads from Cardiff, Wales. They were all dressed as babies getting tattoos. They had diapers on and everything,” she explained

“This guy who I got chatting to in the group said, ‘Why don’t you have my name tattooed on you and I will pay for it.’ At first I thought he was joking. But I did and he paid for it. It was so random.”

Kaylie woke up the next morning with that tattoo on her butt, but the real Daniel Forde was nowhere to be found. 

A decade later, Kaylie is now a 32-year-old mom. She has no regrets about inking the name Daniel Forde on her bum, but she has been thinking about him recently and is eager to reunite with him. 

“Ten years on, I am thinking I should try and find him. It is his name on my bum after all,” Kaylie says. 

She has since started a social media search to find Forde and recently got a message from a man of the same name. However, she is unsure whether it was THE Daniel Forde or another man named Daniel Forde. 

She also did not reveal whether she is single and thinking of having a relationship with Forde or if she just wants to meet him. 

She did not have a fling with Forde at the time. She was in a relationship during the original inking. Her then-boyfriend did not mind her getting the tattoo, he was merely amused by it. 

“It will be good to get back in contact with him just to see if he remembers. If I do manage to find him, I have no idea what I will say to him. Maybe I will offer him his money back for paying for the tattoo. Who knows”!

Who knows indeed! We wish Kaylie the best of luck in her search.

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