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Woman Shares How She Fell in Love with a Homeless Man at First Sight

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When you think of Mr. Right, you may not picture a homeless man outside the supermarket, but love comes in strange packages. 

Jasmine Grogan met Macauley Murchie outside of her local supermarket. Murchie was homeless at the time. She offered him money, but he refused to accept it. He helped her with her heavy shopping bags instead. 

Fast forward to today and they are happily married with two kids. However, the relationship didn’t happen quite as quickly as that. 

Jasmine took to Tik Tok to share her experience. Here’s how it unfolded: 

“Met a homeless man one day doing my food shopping. Offered him money but he wouldn’t accept it. 

“I went inside and continued to do my shop and couldn’t stop thinking about him. 

“I went outside and asked if I could help in any way, he said no. 

“He asked if I wanted help putting my shopping into a taxi, I said yes.”

Jasmine went to dinner with Murchie that night and they had a long conversation about life. She bought him a phone so they could stay in touch. 

The two continued exchanging text messages before going out on their first real date. 

Murchie’s first message to Jasmine read, “You made my day, thank you so much for everything. You are amazing. Can’t stop thinking about you, xx.”

“You don’t have to thank me, I can’t get you out of my mind either,” Jasmine replied. 

The two continued seeing each other and ended up marrying. Murchie found a job and is now supporting himself in their family life. 

“We are so glad our paths crossed and believe everything happens for a reason. He has made my life so much better, and I couldn’t imagine doing it without him now,” Jasmine said in closing. 

It may be an unusual beginning, but it certainly has a happy ending. We wish the couple the best of luck.

@jasminegrogan1 The best people come unexpected 🤍#foryoupage #homeless #myman ♬ BRENT MORGAN What Dreams Are Made Of – Brent Morgan

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