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My Wife Left Me and Our Kids for a Teenager Who Lives with His Parents

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When a married couple breaks up, it can be heartbreaking, especially when children are involved. However, when the married woman and mom leaves her family for a teenager that lives with his mom and dad, it’s just shocking. 

David, who otherwise wishes to remain anonymous, shared his story with the press. He said that he had been happily married to his childhood sweetheart Daisy and they had a “storybook perfect” life. 

However, after a night out, all of that changed. Once the couple got home from their date together, Daisy told David she wasn’t happy in their marriage. 

She mentioned that he wasn’t spending enough time with her due to additional responsibilities he had taken on, such as becoming a coach for their son’s team and other school-related activities he was involved in. 

The couple tried to work things out for the next several months, but one name kept cropping up in their conversations. When David thought about it, he realized it was the name of the 19-year-old assistant who worked in Daisy’s office. 

Three months after their initial conversation, Daisy went to a Christmas party and said she was staying at a friend’s that night. David had a bad feeling about it and checked her location on his phone. He found that she was staying at the Premier Inn. 

David called Daisy to ask her what she was doing at the inn, but she hung up on him. The next day, she came home and revealed she had spent the night with her assistant. She told her husband she wanted to be “young and free”.

David was heartbroken but he began the divorce proceedings. 

Daisy, meanwhile, has moved into a new home separate from her lover, who still lives with his parents. The new beau is 17 years younger than her husband and just six years older than her oldest child. 

David has had to carry on as a single dad. 

“It was quite emasculating. You’re told men get better with age so I thought I should be getting more attractive, not less,” he wrote. 

It’s unfortunate that this tale did not have a happier outcome. It is hopeful that everyone involved finds the happiness they deserve.

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