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Could King Tut’s Dagger Have Come from Outer Space?


King Tut ruled Egypt almost 700 years ago. So, it may surprise you to know his dagger may have been made of technologically advanced materials sourced from outer space. Scientists are saying this is more than likely the case. 

Tutankhamun’s dagger has baffled scientists since it was discovered in 1925. It was found buried with the teenaged king along with a pair of blades. It was discovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter.  

The source of confusion is that the dagger was made of iron which wasn’t used until some 500 years after the king’s death. So how was it incorporated into a dagger used by the king in his lifetime which spanned from 1304 and 1324 BC? Experts now believe the metal was sourced from a meteorite. 

Researchers at the Chiba Institute of Technology published their Tut related findings in the journal of Meteoritics and Planetary Science. The study’s main author, Daniela Comelli wrote, “Meteoritic iron is clearly indicated by the presence of a high percentage of nickel.”

The paper suggests that the high levels of cobalt also ‘strongly suggest an extraterrestrial origin’.

Part of the researcher’s studies involved researching meteorites that hit the Earth around the same time. They found one that landed 150 miles from Alexandria that contained similar levels of nickel and cobalt. 

“They were aware that these rare chunks of iron fell from the sky already in the 13th century BCE, anticipating Western culture by more than two millennia,” the report included. 

Researchers reportedly conducted an x-ray analysis of the dagger’s handle and found it was made of lime plaster, another material that wasn’t used in Egypt until much later. It was likely produced using a foreign low-temperature technique that may have originated in Mitanni, Anatolia. 

It seems as if space age technology was more prevalent in ancient times than we would have thought. Strange but true!


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