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Woman Tossed in Jail for Cocaine-Related Sex with an Animal

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Claire Goodier, a resident of Northwich on Spencer Street, has been placed in jail for what has been described as having sex with a dog while she was under the influence of cocaine….and then keeping images related to the incident.

A probation officer associated with the case described Goodier as “deceitful” and “manipulative” when speaking about what occurred.

This disturbing and stomach-churning act also occurred with other adults. Judge Steven Everett went on to call Goodier’s behavior “depraved,” “disgusting,” and “despicable.” He sentenced her to jail for 20 months.

Past Law Problems for Goodier

Goodier, who is 60 years old, has been convicted in the past for heinous crimes. Twice, she was convicted of possessing indecent images of kids, but was never sent to prison in past situations.

The other two incidents occurred in 2006 and 2009. The judge noted that Goodier was “astonishingly lucky” to have never been sent to prison in the past but instead received suspended sentences.

Prosecutor Paulinus Barnes explained that police officers were sent to Goodier’s residence in July of 2019, to do a regular check since the woman is on the lifelong sex offenders registry.

Indecent Images Tell a Disturbing Story

At that time, the police confiscated a laptop that contained evidence that Goodier had used the Internet to search for content related to bestiality. 

The assessment of the laptop took about two years to complete for those assigned to the case. Once it was done, 31 horrifying images were found of Goodier being involved in a sex act with an Alsatian dog.

The prosecutor explained that Goodier had admitted the images were in her possession. She also said that she had fantasized about this for many years. She started to talk about this fantasy with other people in Northwich and was eventually connected with people in Bournemouth.

Barnes said, “She traveled down there in December 2018, and took part in the sex act with other people and the Alsatian dog.”

Other Findings in the Case

When Goodier was finally arrested in June of 2021, the police officers on the scene also confiscated a pen drive located in her handbag. This was shown to have the same disturbing images. They also found 3.5 grams of cocaine.

This act occurred between the 15th and 16th of December 2018, and counts as a breach of her order for a suspended sentence. This was put into place in May of the same year when Goodier did not adhere to the terms in place for her sexual harm prevention order.

The defendant in the case, Simon Mills, noted that Goodier had always been “frank and honest” with probation officers. He admitted that the charges she was being prosecuted for were disgusting and depraved, but attempted to convince the judge that it only warranted an extra suspended sentence.

He said that the incident had occurred three years ago, and the picture only shows a “sporadic offending.” He argued that the case was not one where the offenses were piling up and becoming more severe as the years passed.

Mills also stated, “She will do everything asked of her by the court, and there are tentative signs of improvement in her attitude and approach.”

The Final Results of Court for Goodier

Judge Everett did not wholly agree. He did say that he agreed the probation service had assessed her as only having a low risk of offending in the future, however that didn’t stop him from sending her on to prison.

The judge said that Goodier had deceitfully taken part in a “cocaine-fueled incident” with others. He also mentioned that Goodier had gone on to keep the disturbing photos long after the incident as a means of sexual gratification.

On top of that, Judge Everett noted that Goodier had a long way to go before changing her life. She had failed to comply in the past, which might have been considered a minor infraction, but that it had occurred more than a single time.

He went on to say that she has an appalling record and is lucky she has never been in prison in the past. “A message must go out that if you commit such disgusting behavior, then you must go to prison.”

Goodier cried as she was sentenced to jail for 20 months. Her sentence also takes into account the suspended four-month sentence she had before this case came to light.

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