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Former North Carolina Police Chief Fakes Suicide To Avoid Prosecution

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It’s amazing what elaborate plans a master criminal can cook up to evade prosecution. The usual ‘fake your own death’ move may seem to work for very few in real life. For one former police chief in North Carolina, he found that to be the case.

William Spivey, who was faced with more than 70 felony charges in North Carolina including drug trafficking and embezzling, was arrested in neighboring South Carolina days after his ‘reported suicide’. Due to his criminal behavior, Spivey was relieved of his duties as a police chief in Columbus County, North Carolina. 

Spivey planned on pulling the stunt while on a fishing trip in South Carolina. His plan was to intentionally ‘fail to show up’ and abandon his boat in the middle of the Lumber River. He apparently left handwritten letters and discharged rounds inside a .22 caliber rifle. 

However, the evidence told a much different story. Investigators believed that something was rotten in the State of South Carolina. All signs pointed to Spivey being alive and not having committed suicide. This became more apparent when video surveillance was discovered that showed the elusive criminal alive and well.

On February 23rd, Columbus County issued a warrant for Spivey’s arrest because of his failure to appear in court. Authorities were able to find Spivey holed up in an apartment in Loris, South Carolina. In addition to Spivey, two others were arrested in their role for helping Spivey fake his own death.

The two others were charged with obstructing justice. It seems that faking your own death to avoid prosecution may be easier in the movies than in real life. Try as you may, you could be found out one way or another.

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