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TikTok Superstar Forced Into Celibacy Following Hair Transplant Surgery

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Cathair Curran, a TikTok superstar also referred to as “Kegs”, is now entering forced celibacy for all the wrong reasons.  Instead of embracing the life of a spiritual ascetic as though he were a monk, Curran is unintentionally shifting to celibacy after hair transplant surgery.  

The social media heartthrob was in the midst of extensive hair loss when he gave hair transplant surgery a try.  The TikTok star had in excess of 110,000 followers along with 225 million video views, so it seemed logical to invest in his image.  However, Curran’s life won’t return to normal any time soon. 

A Sexless Life Begins

Curran will be celibate for the next 30 days.  The social media star will also avoid alcohol, cigarettes, exercise, and exposure to water during this period of time.  Though “Kegs”, as his fans refer to him, can shower, he cannot swim in the sea or a pool.  

The unique hair restoration procedure took place on February 6th, so Curran will be celibate all the way up to the St. Patrick’s Day holiday in March.  The social media sensation recently admitted he began losing his hair at the age of 19.  He also detailed how he was bullied for his massive forehead while in grade school.

An 18-Month Wait?

All in all, it will take about 18 months for Curran to regrow his hair.  However, if the physicians who performed the procedure are correct, Curran will be able to resume sexual activity about a month after the date of the surgery.  The surgeons who implanted the new hair insist it will gradually fall out, setting the stage for regrowth.  

The new hair begins to emerge at the three-month mark, yet it might take upwards of a year-and-a-half for the hair to fully emerge.  Though the doctors advising Curran have not indicated it is necessary to wait a full 18 months to resume sexual activity, the social media influencer might end up playing it safe and remaining abstinent for this period of time to maximize his chances of hair regrowth.

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