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Robert Pattinson Demanded Batman Pee Flap

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Robert Pattinson, the latest actor to play the role of Batman, is in the news for quite the surprising reason.  Pattinson has demanded that a pee flap be added to his Batman costume during filming.  The 35-year-old Briton revealed the request on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” earlier this week.  

Avoiding a Mess

Pattinson insists the reason why he requested that a pee flap be added to the Batman costume is that he was motivated by former Batman actors to do so.  Pattinson sought advice from Christian Bale after taking the part.  

Bale insisted Pattinson should ask for a pee flap addition to the Batman suit so he could urinate while donning the costume instead of rushing to remove the restrictive garment in time.  Indeed, Pattinson approached the film’s costume department and requested that a patch be added to his Batman costume.

Pattinson’s Odd Admission

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit in the Batman pee flap story is the fact that Pattinson requested that the flap be added to the back of the caped costume as opposed to the front.  The actor admits he pees while sitting down, similar to how a woman relieves herself.  This was quite the interesting admission, considering that Pattinson has a reputation to protect, especially considering the fact that much of his audience consists of young men who would not look kindly on their superhero sitting down to urinate.

Kimmel also asked Pattinson about his character’s deep voice.  The actor stated he desired to shift in a completely different direction with the character’s vocal delivery.  Pattinson insists he transitioned to more of a whisper-like voice as opposed to the raspy voice used by Bale and previous actors.  Though this is not the most newsworthy subject matter, Kimmel likely broached it in an attempt to pivot away from the unsettling topic of a grown man peeing in a bat costume while sitting down.

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