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Florida Man Took His Grandson Magnet Fishing and Reeled in 2 Sniper Rifles

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A Florida man and his grandson reeled in two sniper rifles recently while spending time magnet fishing, meaning they were casting lines with magnets into the water to reel in pieces of metal.  Though magnet fishing might seem a bit odd, it is quickly becoming one of the trendiest new hobbies in the United States and elsewhere.

About the Haul

Duane Smith and his grandson were magnet fishing in Princeton, Florida at the time they reeled in the guns.  To be more specific, Smith and his 11-year-old grandson reeled in a couple of .50 caliber sniper rifles.  The haul was collected in a local Miami-Dade County canal.

Smith indicates he was inspired to magnet fish with his grandson after watching a YouTube video on the subject.  Smith and his grandson Allen Cadwalader, used five-pound magnets to cast their lines into the canal.  It merely took five minutes to reel in the Barrett sniper rifles.  It is particularly interesting to note both of the sniper rifles lacked serial numbers and barrels.

What Will Become of the Guns?

The two rifles were dropped off at the Miami-Dade County Police Department.  There is a good chance the guns were used in an illegal act as their serial numbers were removed, so it only makes sense that the police analyze them in the context of a potential criminal investigation.

This is not the first time magnet fishermen have reeled in guns while casting lines.  A Michigan man also discovered an artillery shell dating back to World War II when magnet fishing in the spring of 2021.  The man, Ryan McCollum, and his son were magnet fishing in the Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the time of the discovery.

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