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Former Miss California Pays $5 To Adults And Kids For Not Wearing Masks

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In this week’s news of the weird, a former Ms. California, Carrie Prejean Boller, is handing out $5 bills to kids who refuse to wear masks.  In addition to paying little ones to not wear masks, Boller is also heaping on the compliments, telling the youngsters, “You’re doing the right thing.”  In fact, the former beauty queen is recording her interactions with unmasked kids and posting the footage to her Instagram account.  Some of the videos even show Boller paying adults to flout the Golden State’s mask requirement.

Boller’s Justification for Compensating Maskless Kids

Boller captioned one of her Instagram bribery videos with the following: “Handing out $5 bills to the normal ones not complying with tyranny.” The caption pertains to a video in which she handed out money to two older women shopping at a California store.  

Boller has a sizable online following; she has a visually appealing aesthetic and also is married to former football quarterback Kyle Boller.  She also made waves back in ’09 when taking a stand against homosexual marriage while participating in the Miss USA Pageant.

Another video posted to social media features Boller stating, “One of my favorite moments of today … Head over to my stories for more muzzle free patrolling happening around San Diego.”  She also posted footage showing two women pulling off their masks while shopping in a California store.

Another video shows Boller interacting with a young girl who was subsequently featured in another video in which she was holding cash, presumably from Boller.  Boller’s statement in the initial video is as follows: “Tomorrow when you go to school unmasked, your heart’s gonna be racing and you’re gonna be nervous. But I want you to know you’re doing the right thing. Don’t ever, ever question it.”

The former beauty queen is even going as far as telling maskless shoppers that they are, “…the next Rosa Parks. You’re the next Martin Luther King.”  However, logical people are quick to point out wearing a mask is simply not the same as combating racism in the tumultuous 60s. 

Boller Has a Buddy

Boller has tagged Patrice Reynolds in several of her anti-masking videos.  The two anti-mask activists have created a name for their escapades, referring to their two-man activist crew as the “Muzzle-free patrol.”  The patrol has frequented Target and Home Goods stores throughout California to hand out $5 bills to those who refuse to mask up.

Boller and Reynolds are not limiting their ire to the mask mandate.  The two conservative activists have posted a litany of videos to social media covering subject matter ranging from anti-vaccine videos to the race for President and other controversial subjects.  If the Muzzle-free patrol has its way, Californians will stop wearing masks in Target as well as other commercial shopping centers throughout the state.  It is also worth noting that they have used their platform to praise  former President Donald Trump.  

Will Kids Listen to Boller’s Message?

Boller has even gone as far as telling children they will be the leaders of tomorrow for refusing their teachers’ orders to mask up.  Part of Boller’s logic in pushing back so hard against mask mandates is the fact that the state’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, was recently photographed at public events without wearing a mask.  One of the parents in a clip Boller posted to Instagram goes out of her way to insist her children will never wear a mask simply because the state’s Governor refuses to do so himself.

Making Boller’s stance even more intriguing is the fact that she is spending time discussing the mask mandate with local teenagers.  Boller’s interviews with teens highlight the ergonomic issues with constant mask-wearing.  One teenager featured in Boller’s videos says, “I don’t like muzzles. They aren’t fun. They are suffocating. They’re restricting.”

Another teenager featured in Boller’s videos indicated that masks make it difficult to breath: “I’m pretty annoyed with this mask policy having to go to school every day and wear the muzzle… I can hardly breathe.”

At the moment, California and 15 other states mandate that students wear masks while in school.  Boller and other right wing activists have gone out of their way to highlight the fact that the state’s policies are egregiously strict, especially when juxtaposed with those of other states.  

Rolling Stone and several other media outlets have contacted Boller for a public comment on her anti-mask campaign.  Boller reciprocated the request for an interview, stating she doubts that COVID-19 presents a meaningful risk to children, teens and other youngsters.  

Boller’s official response was as follows: “Can you let me know the ‘positivity’ and ‘daily case’ numbers for Americans under age 18 as well as the current COVID-related risks for that age group? Can you provide any statistically significant data showing the benefits of children wearing medical or cloth masks?”

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