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40-Person Brawl Breaks Out in Golden Corral Over Reported Steak Shortage


There are situations that happen in public that could lead someone to wanting to throw a chair at another person. Maybe they’re holding a line up or speaking rudely to an associate simply trying to do their job. Regardless, to actually follow through with the act would be nearly insane. Unfortunately these public displays of violence are becoming increasingly common scenes amongst Americans. The latest took place inside of a Golden Corral buffet in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. This particular scene saw more than 40 adults throwing high chairs and other dining room equipment as others scrambled to safety. Afterwards, the shattered glasses and plates that remained resembled scenes from a TV show or a movie. 

There’s no question that the employees who were left to clean up the wreckage won’t forget what took place on that shift anytime soon. While the people who participated in the melee are free now, it’s only a matter of time before local police catch up with them to find out what led to their participation in the now viral video of the fight that took place. 

Even though investigators are still working to piece together specifics, initial unverified reports from a Golden Corral spokesperson says the brawl began because someone who ordered a well-done steak thought the person who got their rare steak first cut the line in order to do so. Other reports from coworkers claimed the brawl began because of the fact that they ran out of steak altogether. In video footage of the fight, one attendee can be heard loudly saying “all I wanted was some steak!” Throughout the chaos that ensued it’s nothing short of miraculous that no one was hurt. That’s especially the case considering the fact that there were senior citizens and children in attendance at the time of the brawl. 

A statement from Golden Corral franchisee JK Hospitality LLC, which owns and operates the Bensalem, PA location where the melee took place states, “We are aware of an unfortunate disturbance that started between two parties of guests at our franchise restaurant in Bensalem, PA. We notified the local authorities, and they are investigating the incident. Thankfully no serious injuries have been reported. The safety of our guests and our co-workers is our top priority.” Sgt. Glen Vandergrift from the Bensalem Township Police Department is tasked with finding those who started the chaos and bringing them to justice. To his benefit, the Golden Corral staff has been cooperative in helping him get to the bottom of things so far. He says, “The social media videos depict the chaos of the scene at the time, and most individuals were gone upon police arrival.” After video footage of the chaos in the restaurant hit the web, it didn’t take too long for it to go viral afterwards. 

Once people saw the video, debate ensued nearly instantly about whether or not the food served at Golden Corral was good enough to throw fisticuffs over. While that debate rages on, the Bensalem Police Department will continue the search for the participants in the chaos that took place. Finding them may not be that difficult, too, considering the fact that many of the faces of the participants should be easier to see on surveillance footage than it is on the videos that are floating around on social media. Hopefully while authorities get to the bottom of the cause of the chaos that took place at Golden Corral this past Sunday, people can remain civil while enjoying their meals there this weekend.

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