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Woman Who Sleeps With Brother For Warmth Accused Of Cheating By Boyfriend

1 Couple Sleeping Together

Do you snuggle up with a sibling of the opposite sex in bed for any reason? Would you consider this type of behavior to be incestuous? Would you break up with your partner if you saw them cuddling in bed with a sibling?

That’s what one woman wants to know. Her boyfriend is not speaking to her because he caught her snuggling in bed with her brother. Here’s what happened.

It was a chilly Friday night when the 20-year-old woman’s boyfriend went to spend the night at his parents’ house because his mother was not feeling well. He knew his girlfriend was planning to have her brother over. 

The brother, 26, arrived at 6:30 the next morning and let himself in. When his sister didn’t wake up, he hopped into bed too. 

She quoted her brother as saying,” If you’re not going to wake up, at least let me get into bed ‘cause it’s cold and I’m sleepy too.”

He got into bed with his sister and immediately fell asleep. 

The boyfriend came home a few hours later and caught them in bed together and he was not happy.

“He starts saying how this is ‘basically cheating’, asking if we had sex, if we’re in an incestuous relationship, etc., that this is absolutely disgusting and mega inappropriate and other delusional things like that,” the woman said.

“I tell him that we’ve always shared a bed while living at home and that this is 100 % platonic. He lets me know that ‘we were snuggling under the blankets while sleeping. I tell him, yeah, that’s what people do when they share a bed and it’s cold.”

The woman’s boyfriend has refused to speak to her since the incident. She shared her story anonymously online wanting to know what people think. How would you weigh in?

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