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Manhattan Private School Ditches Dutchman Logo to Appease PC Crowd

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An elite private school in Manhattan has decided the time is right to update its logo and motto.  However, the interesting twist to this story is the fact that the school’s logo is not inherently racist.  The widely lauded Collegiate School based in Manhattan is significantly altering its Dutchman logo and also modifying its motto.  The school even went as far as establishing a special task force to determine if the logo and motto were politically correct.  

After three years of passionate debate, the school’s brass has determined it is prudent to update its logo and motto in an effort to win favor with the politically correct crowd.  Though the school’s administrators insist the decision was made to combat racism, most people of sound mind insist there is nothing racist about using a Dutchman as a logo to represent an academic institution. 

According to Collegiate representatives, the new logo and language design were determined by a vote.  All in all, about 3,000 members of the local community voted on the matter.  However, the Dutchman mascot won’t be completely scrapped.  The voters decided to alter the mascot’s image in an effort to maintain the school’s tradition.

Announcement Details

Collegiate School administrators announced their decision to change the school’s logo and motto in the form of a 400+ page report.  The report perfectly symbolizes the excesses of an increasingly woke culture.  The pivot toward being more politically correct will ultimately culminate in a revamping of its playful mascot.  

School administrators have also decided to eliminate the reference to “God” from the institution’s motto as well as the “A.D.” component of the school’s seal. Though most logical individuals believe there is nothing controversial about the terms A.D. and God, the Collegiate School administrators have decided both are considered offensive.  To be more specific, these words are considered offensive to atheists and agnostics.

 Parents Respond to the Decision

There has been an outcry from the parents of students attending the Collegiate School in the aftermath of the decision to alter the logo and motto.  Though most parents who vocalized their opinions were highly critical, it is worth noting that some parents living in the Manhattan area were on board with the changes.  The range of reactions ran the gamut from feelings of outrage to feelings of acceptance.  

Reports that detail the decision to alter the Collegiate School’s symbols and slogan point out the fact that the students at the elite academic institution are much more liberal-minded than their conservative parents, meaning they likely pushed the administration to make the changes.

One parent discussed the matter with the New York Post, stating, “A lot of folks think the whole thing was just ridiculous overkill.  Four hundred pages? For a mascot? A motto?”

The decision to update the motto, logo, and other details of the school’s identity is the result of an intensive probe of the institution’s symbols and history that began in 2019.  In fact, the school went as far as creating a task force consisting of 17 administrators to determine whether the institution’s Dutchman motto and mascot were appropriate since we are living in a PC culture that is becoming increasingly defined by wokeism with each passing day.  

The task force included Regina Lasko, the wife of David Letterman.  Those who worked on the task force insist it was created to fight the racism that allegedly pervades so much of society.  It is worth noting the 394-year-old school has some famous alumni including David Duchovny and John F. Kennedy Jr.

The Specifics of the Changes

The task force’s 407-page decision to update its logo and motto will spur significant changes to the school’s aesthetic identity.  The institution’s Dutchman image will be altered, eliminating the winking figure to a much more politically correct and modernized rendition.  The new mascot will now have a fully-covered face.  A large hat has been added to shroud the mascot’s face from view. 

 The decision to alter the mascot is the result of complaints that the Dutchman persona excluded other ethnic groups and was egregiously Eurocentric.  Critics of the mascot indicate the Dutchman’s aesthetic resembled Peter Stuyvesant, a New Amsterdam Dutch governor with a history of antisemitism.  

Making the school’s decision to alter its identity even more controversial is the fact that it will replace its former motto of “Unless God, then in vain.”  The institution’s new motto will be “Wisdom, Community, Kindness.”  The new motto will be expressed in Latin as opposed to English.

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