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Machine Gun Kelly Changes Upcoming Album Title After Tattooing Its Original Name on Arm

Machine Gun Kelly Changes Album Name Travis Barker Tattoo Arm e1644461714207

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, born Colson Baker, has abruptly decided to change the name of his upcoming album.  The decision is especially odd considering the fact that he tattooed the original album name on his arm in what seemed like a savvy marketing technique at the time.  The rapper collaborated with former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker on the upcoming album.

Is It Time for Tattoo Removal?

Machine Gun Kelly is now stuck with a “Born With Horns” tattoo on his left forearm.  In fact, Barker also got the same tattoo on his own forearm in an effort to ramp up the hype for the new album.  The upcoming album is the second joint creation between the two music superstars.  

It took a mere six months for Kelly and Barker to change their minds, altering the album title from “Born With Horns” to “Mainstream Sellout”, likely in an effort to publicize the upcoming release all the more.   Neither Kelly nor Barker has indicated whether their “Born With Horns” tattoos will be removed. 

All Publicity is Good Publicity

Kelly, 31, took to TikTok to announce the album name change.  The rapper filmed Barker’s reaction to the album name alteration and shared it with his social media followers.  The video was captioned with the following text: “My bad @travisbarker.”

The video clip shows Kelly asking Barker whether the two are still friends, “…no matter what, right?”  Barker replied in the affirmative, chuckled, and rhetorically asked Kelly what the new album would be called.  Both Kelly and Barker laughed off the fact that they tattooed “Born With Horns” on their forearms, choosing to shift their attention to hyping the new album rather than dwelling on the past.

The album, Mainstream Sellout, is the rapper’s sixth studio creation, coming on the heels of “Tickets to My Downfall”, released in 2020.  Barker tattooed “Tickets to My Downfall” on his neck.  He also has tattoos of his favorite music artists including the likes of Tommy Lee, Kurt Cobain, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  In fact, Barker has so many tattoos that he has started to layer new ink on top of old ink.  Barker tattooed “Don’t trust anyone” on his neck in a reference to his former spouse, Shanna Moakler, who has gone to great lengths to trash Kourtney Kardashian.

The logic in Kelly and Barker getting the “Born With Horns” tattoos on their forearms is rooted in the fact that all publicity is good publicity.  The tattoos will likely be removed in the months ahead after the now-modified album is released.  The two superstars lso have tattoos dedicated to their significant others, Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox.  The blood buddies have not announced whether they will get new tattoos in reference to the new album’s title.

The Upcoming Album Will Make a Splash 

The Mainstream Sellout album will likely prove worthy of the hype.  Kelly’s girlfriend, Megan Fox, will be featured on one of the tracks dubbed Banyan Tree.  Though this track is merely an interlude, meaning it is not a full-length musical creation, Fox’s presence alone will help sell it as a single and also boost album sales.  

One of Fox’s lines in the song is as follows:  “You just got my initials tattooed on you. I just got your nickname tattooed on me.”  The line is a reference to her and Kelly’s matching tattoos.  

It is quite peculiar that the album’s first single was released nearly six months ago.  Dubbed “Papercuts”, the single made waves with music fans across the world.  Barker co-produced the MGK track and also played drums on the song.  Papercuts broke into the top 80 of the Billboard Hot 100 soon after its release.  Though the timing of the single’s release is questionable since the album won’t be released until winter of ’22, it certainly helped to build momentum for the much-anticipated collaboration between the two industry stalwarts.  Mainstream Sellout is the first of two albums Kelly will release in the year ahead.  

According to the blonde-haired rapper, the new album will be quite different from its predecessor, which was more pop-oriented with a younger target demographic.  Mainstream sellout has comparably heavy guitar riffs beneath flaming hot rap vocals, drawing comparisons to the likes of 90s mega-bands Rage Against The Machine and Limp Bizkit.  

Machine Gun Kelly recently conducted an interview with Willie Geist from NBC’s Sunday Today show.  The rapper indicated he is no longer holding anything back and insists his new album with Barker will break musical barriers and demonstrate an irreverence for convention that music-lovers around the world are certain to appreciate.

Stay tuned.  The official release date for Kelly’s collaboration with Barker will be announced in the weeks ahead.

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UFC Fighter Mark Munoz placed on admin leave from school for letting kids box

UFC Fighter Mark Munoz placed on admin leave from school for letting kids box

Mark Munoz is no stranger to combat sports. When he took on a job as a high school wrestling coach, it wasn’t long until the decision to hire him came under scrutiny. He was placed under administrative leave after reports that he told kids to box each other to settle their issues.

It seems like an unconventional thing to do, even for a wrestling coach. He may come from a background where he deals with grappling and martial arts. However, the school system and even the parents didn’t seem to take this lightly.

Munoz noticed two students arguing on the playground. He was not sure what the two were arguing about. He suggested that the two duke it out using boxing gloves.

Munoz stated that the boxing match was more of a jovial fight than one of absolute violence. One of the boys’ parents learned about this and the administration caught wind of it. A spokesperson for the school said that Munoz was placed on administrative leave and his contract will expire.

The school will not renew Munoz’s contract and has taken measures so that he cannot return to campus. At first, they were happy to add him to their staff as a member of the athletic staff. However, they might be thinking twice before hiring former UFC fighters for such jobs after this incident.

Munoz was in the UFC from 2009 to 2015. He was known for fighting Damien Maia in 2011. His other fights included Lyoto Machica and Chris Weidman.

Munoz retired from the sport and had lived in California since his retirement. His job as a wrestling coach may have ended prematurely. However, it may serve as a teaching lesson for Munoz on how things should, and should not, be settled in a school setting.

Schools are always preaching about zero tolerance for violence and bullying. Of course, the parents were concerned about the safety of their children. Reporting the incident to the staff may have been the right thing to do.

As for Munoz, it’s unclear where he’ll go from here. One thing may be for sure, he may have a tough time getting hired as a wrestling coach at some point in the near future. While an impromptu boxing match may work outside of school, inside a school can raise questions about how kids are being treated during school hours.

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Alec Baldwin ironically slams ex-NFL player for “workplace safety” after airport brawl

Alec Baldwin ironically slams ex-NFL player for "workplace safety" after airport brawl

A former football player was caught on camera beating down an employee of United Airlines. Brendan Langley was arrested for assaulting the person with a right hook at Newark International Airport. The employee was also fighting Langley and was soon terminated from his position.

According to the video, the airline employee appeared to make the first move on Langley (which may justify his firing). However, actor Alec Baldwin saw the videos for himself and shared his thoughts on the matter. He says that the employee was the victim and was just doing his job.

He also added that Langley was being a guy with a big mouth and is guilty of workplace abuse. Baldwin said that Langley should be placed on the no-fly list for his behavior. As he was speaking out about workplace abuse, people weren’t forgetting about the incident involving Baldwin on the set of the film ‘Rust’.

Baldwin was filming a scene that involved a prop firearm going off. However, tragedy occured when the prop gun went off and Halyna Hutchins, a cinematographer was shot and killed. As of right now, criminal investigations are still ongoing and no charges have been filed.

However, civil suits on the matter are being filed against Baldwin. While Baldwin, himself, may be facing issues regarding workplace violence (even though it was unintentional), he may be in the wrong for his stance on what happened between Langley and the airline employee.

No matter where you stand on the issue, the altercation could have been prevented. You may agree that Langley should be punished for his actions, and you might also think that the employee was right to be fired even if he had to defend himself.

One thing is for sure, it’s important to respect those who are working hard to help others. If that isn’t something that you can do, then there is something definitely wrong with you. If you are someone that works with a lot of people, it’s important to learn that it’s key to keep your cool when dealing with difficult people.

In a world where we are always on the go and people think they are entitled to the world, it’s hard to keep themselves together. People are trying to be professional when in reality they want to do something that may be against company policy, but violence is never the idea.

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Texas school shooter sent disturbing messages to unknown woman before massacre

Texas school shooter sent disturbing messages to unknown woman before massacre

The Texas school shooter that was responsible for killing 21 people including 19 students and two teachers sent disturbing messages to an unknown woman before carrying out the massacre. Salvador Ramos, 18, was shot dead by authorities at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas after beginning his killing spree.

Prior to this, he shot his own grandmother. Even before the events took place, he was in contact with a woman who he never met in person. An Instagram account that was linked to Ramos contained disturbing photos and messages.

One of the photos was a high-capacity magazine that was used in the attack. Ramos apparently messaged the woman on May 12 asking ‘You gonna repost my gun pic?’ The woman was also tagged in the posts. 

The woman continued to message Ramos, not knowing who he was personally. She replied asking what the guns had to do with her. The reply was ‘I just wanted to tag you’.

Whatever the motive was, it’s disturbing for someone to say they wanted to tag a person in a post about guns for no reason. Having a common hobby such as the outdoors is one thing (and tagging each other in posts is normal). It seemed like Ramos was looking for some kind of validation from a woman he never even met face to face.

As of this writing, the death toll stands at 21, and there is no certainty if it will stay the same. Yet, the fact remains that it is a tragedy beyond anyone’s comprehension. As expected, people on both sides of the gun issue began to reinforce their positions on what they believed in.

On one end, you have people wanting guns to be banned, the Second Amendment to be done away with, and everything else. They seem like they want the gun violence to end now rather than later.

On the other side, you have the argument of arming teachers, increasing security, and more. No matter where you stand on the issue, it will be really hard to come up with a concrete solution that will prevent tragedies like this. This tragedy occurred just over a week after 10 people were killed in a grocery store in Buffalo by a shooter that was the same age.

With the gun issue debate quickly heating up once again, what will come out of it this time around?

Texas school shooter sent disturbing messages to unknown woman before massacre Texas school shooter sent disturbing messages to unknown woman before massacre

Texas school shooter sent disturbing messages to unknown woman before massacre Texas school shooter sent disturbing messages to unknown woman before massacre

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Meet the world’s most inbred family where the parents of 14 children all related

Meet the world's most inbred family where the parents of 14 children all related

The story of a horrifying family has unfolded, where the parents of 14 children are related to each other. More than a family, this is an incestuous cult. 

The family’s inbreeding habits were revealed during the two-day trial of Frank Colt (a pseudonym). 

Frank was arrested for rape in 2018 and found guilty of sexually assaulting his niece )who is also his sister).

The sister/niece, who goes by the fake name Petra Colt, came to officials to report Frank who had taken advantage of her in the back seat of his car during a visit to their family farm in New South Wales. 

She also revealed that she was living in a cult where “all my aunts, uncles and cousins have been sleeping together”. 

She also said she had never been to school and was physically abused by various family members. 

She later withdrew her claims but spoke to officials several times citing rape incidents. Her statements gave them enough evidence to put Frank in jail. He was found guilty on May 10 and is in custody as he awaits sentencing. 

His brother Charlie and nephew Cliff are facing allegations of sexual assault as well. 

The family lives in a complicated web. Petra is the daughter of Frank Colt’s father Tim and his sister Betty. Therefore, both Petra and her alleged rapist Frank, share the same father. 

Tim, the family patriarch who died in 2009, fathered seven children with his wife June who was also his sister. 

He also fathered 12 children with his daughter Betty and had five children with his eldest daughter Rhonda. 

Tim’s youngest daughter had children with her brother Charlie. 

At one time, four generations of the family were living together in a bush camp made of an uninsulated shed, old caravans, and tents. 11 of the 12 children living there were found to be the product of parents that were closely related to each other. 

Most of the kids were malnourished and living in tents without running water, toilets, and electricity. Some could not speak intelligible English. 

One child died when she was just two months old. 

All the women in the family are denying a familial connection and dispute genetic evidence of the paternity of the children in question. 

The family managed to keep their cult going for so long by moving from state to state. They were finally caught by local authorities who realized the children were not attending school.

Meet the world's most inbred family where the parents of 14 children all related

Meet the world's most inbred family where the parents of 14 children all related

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14 students and 1 teacher dead after mass shooting at Texas elementary school

14 students and 1 teacher dead after mass shooting at Texas elementary school

Just a mere ten days after a mass shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo, N.Y, another has unfolded at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Making a sad story even more harrowing is the fact that the shooter murdered his grandmother in cold blood before embarking on the mass shooting at the elementary school. This shooting carried out by an 18-year-old man saw more than a dozen murdered and even more wounded. A 10-year-old girl and a 66-year-old woman were listed in critical condition according to authorities. 

Reports also indicate that two law enforcement officers were shot, but they’re expected to survive. In a Facebook post shared around 2 pm. CST, the UCISD said students had been evacuated into the nearby Willie DeLeon Civic Center, where parents were allowed to pick up their children. The shooter was reportedly identified as a current or former student of Robb Elementary School. 

Governor Abbott was quick to offer his sympathies to the families and loved ones of the wounded and deceased. “Texans across the state are grieving for the victims of the senseless crime and for the community of Uvalde,” he said. He continued by saying, “Cecilia and I mourn this horrific loss and we urge all Texans to come together to show our unwavering support to all who are suffering. We thank the courageous first responders who worked to finally secure Rob Elementary School. I have instructed the Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers to work with local law enforcement to fully investigate this crime.” The local hospital is reportedly treating numerous students in the emergency room. The shooter was murdered at the scene of the crime. According to CNN, the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) are working with local law enforcement on the investigation.

14 students and 1 teacher dead after mass shooting at Texas elementary school

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