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Juror in the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Lawyers up in Preparation for a Mistrial

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The recently concluded Ghislaine Maxwell sex-trafficking criminal trial could potentially end up being declared a mistrial.  An attorney for several accusers of Jeffrey Epstein has publicly insisted that a mistrial motion might soon be granted by the judge who presided over the case.  If Maxwell is tried a second time, it could prove to be quite strenuous on the victims.

Why Would There Be a Mistrial?

One of the Maxwell trial jurors, Scotty David, recently admitted that he suffered childhood sexual abuse.  David states he swayed the jury deliberations by delving into the details of that abuse.  Maxwell might receive a new trial, yet a new trial does not automatically increase the chances of her walking free or receiving reduced punishment.  However, most sane and logical people would agree that the fact that a member of the jury was sexually abused should not be enough to trigger a new trial.  

The problem lies in the fact that the juror failed to reveal the entirety of the truth about his personal situation in the initial questionnaire provided to potential jurors.  That questionnaire required that all potential jurors indicate if they or anyone they are close to endured sexual abuse of any sort.

David insists he was not asked about any potential history of sexual abuse on the initial juror questionnaire.  However, when he was told other jurors were asked such a question, he responded to the Daily Mail stating that he did not remember it and indicated he would have checked off the “yes” box to reveal his abuse.

The Victims’ Attorney Responds

Lisa Bloom, the attorney for the women victimized by Maxwell and Epstein, states the revelation detailed above is a significant blow to justice.  She went on to state that the juror questionnaire is not a public document, and that only the attorneys working the trial, and the judge, are aware of its contents. 

Bloom indicates that the prosecutors are demanding an inquiry and the judge will soon set a formal schedule for the motion raised to declare a mistrial.  Bloom took to Twitter to provide her comments on the matter, stating if David lied and the court determines that the lie, also referred to as an omission of information, was material, the judge might order a new trial.  Maxwell faces upwards of 65 years in prison after being found guilty of sex-trafficking young girls for Epstein.

Bloom went on to state, “My heart goes out to the 4 victims, who will have to do it all again.  And because this juror was a victim, and was brave enough to tell his story in the deliberations room and stand with the other victims, a convicted sex trafficker may get a do-over.  Just a punch in the gut to the 8 Jeffrey Epstein victims I represent.”

Bloom also noted that simply being a victim of sex abuse does not preclude one’s service as a juror on a sexual abuse jury.  In other words, there is a chance that the judge who reviews the motion for a mistrial will determine that the juror’s history of sexual abuse did not significantly influence the case, ultimately rendering Maxwell guilty and removing the potential for a mistrial.  

Bloom highlighted the fact that the issue in question is whether the juror lied when filling out his questionnaire, and in doing so deprived the legal defense of the opportunity to ask him important questions throughout the jury selection process in order to determine if he had a bias.  David has since retained an attorney.  David’s attorney also represented Anna Sorokin, the infamous “fake heiress.”

A Maxwell Victim Speaks Out

Prior to the mistrial motion, Annie Farmer, the lone Maxwell victim to testify under her legal name, indicated she was overwhelmed with gratitude for David.  She pointed to the juror’s courage and described him as “brave” for disclosing his personal trauma and helping others who suffered similar abuse.  However, Farmer has not provided comment in recent days after word has spread of a potential mistrial.

The prospect of a mistrial could have been avoided had David simply kept his mouth shut.  Unfortunately, David provided a litany of interviews after Maxwell was found guilty.  It is during those interviews that David made the public aware of his personal sexual abuse and how he used it to sway the jury’s deliberations.  

Conspiracy theorists will undoubtedly attempt to connect David to the Illuminati and the dozens of famous politicians and entertainers tied to Epstein, insisting these wealthy individuals offered David a bribe to change his tune in the aftermath of the verdict.  

However, it must also be noted that yet another juror revealed to the New York Times earlier this week that he or she had also been sexually molested as an adolescent, and even went as far as talking about how that abuse swayed the jury’s decision.


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