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Browns’ QB Baker Mayfield Criticized By Yet Another Teammate’s Father

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Rewind time, to about a month ago when the father of Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was allegedly criticizing the team’s quarterback, Baker Mayfield, on Instagram. There are differing reports as to whether it was Beckham’s father, Beckham himself, or another party altogether who criticized Mayfield on the popular social media platform, but what matters most is that the team’s golden boy had fallen from grace in quite the public manner.

The 11-minute post, publicized on Instagram, included a detailed video that highlighted how Mayfield failed to target Beckham for passing opportunities in several games this season. This social media post ultimately spurred the star wide receiver’s release from the team. Beckham signed with the Los Angeles Rams a couple weeks after his unceremonious departure from the Browns.

Here we are, merely two weeks later, and the father of yet another teammate is publicly criticizing Mayfield. This time around, it is the father of Kareem Hunt who is lambasting Mayfield on social media for his poor play on the field.

Hunt’s Father Takes aim at the Browns’ Beleaguered QB

Kareem Hunt, the backup running back on a struggling Browns squad, hasn’t performed up to expectations since departing Kansas City. However, Hunt’s lack of production on the field has not stopped his father from publicly attacking Baker Mayfield. Hunt’s father went after the team’s quarterback after watching the Ravens beat the Browns on Sunday Night Football. Mr. Hunt used Facebook to critique Mayfield’s game, stating, “He’s scared to throw the ball.”

Mr. Hunt went on to comment that Facebook users accused him of being “like Obj Daddy” yet he insisted he is merely “stating facts on football.” Though Mr. Hunt did note that Mayfield is playing through an injury, it’s clear that he, along with some of Mayfield’s teammates as well as former teammates don’t think much of Mayfield’s ability to play the quarterback position.

Mayfield is limping through his fourth year with Cleveland. He has played through several injuries including a torn left shoulder labrum dating back to the second week of the season. He is also battling through foot and knee injuries.

Mr. Hunt went on to post: “Last thing I don’t want nobody to be hating at me like I said new quarterback, new situation, we could have won this game long time ago. I don’t know what the defense was doing, they did good three interceptions or more. All I can say is, please don’t hate me but I told you so.”

It is the final words of Mr. Hunt’s statement that are the most disappointing. As is often said, only small people say I told you so. Mr. Hunt appears to be thinking more clearly now, and he deleted the posts about 12 hours after the end of the Browns Sunday Night Football debacle.

Kareem Hunt’s Response to his Father’s Controversial Post

The Browns running back has not yet responded to the messages his father posted to social media. Hunt recently returned to action after spending several weeks on injured reserve status following a calf injury during a Week Six loss to the NFC-leading Arizona Cardinals. It will be interesting to see if Hunt makes a public statement later today, or in the weeks ahead in an attempt to sweep his father’s words under the rug and move on with a clean slate.

Mayfield’s Future in Cleveland is in Doubt

Once the dust settles on the 2021 NFL campaign, it’s quite possible that both Mayfield and Hunt will move on to new home teams. Hunt has struggled to stay healthy while toting the rock in Cleveland. Backup D’Ernest Johnson is carving into Hunt’s playing time, possibly setting the stage for his departure from the Browns. Hunt’s lack of production and reduced playing time might have played a role in his father’s decision to air his grievances in such a public fashion on social media.

Mayfield is struggling to make it to the end of a forgettable season. The Ravens pressured the diminutive quarterback the entire night, sacking him twice and aggravating his shoulder injury. Though Mayfield threw one touchdown to tight end David Njoku, he ended the game with a mere 247 yards, completing less than 49% of his passes, both of which are paltry figures in today’s pass-happy NFL. Mayfield will be a free agent at the season’s end.

After the game, Browns’ head coach Kevin Stefanski stated he does not intend to switch quarterbacks during the bye week. Mayfield’s backup is Case Keenum, a gunslinger who led the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC championship game a couple seasons ago, only to be rendered to backup duty in Cleveland.

Stay tuned… The Browns (6-6) are on the outside of the AFC playoff picture, looking in. The pressure on Mayfield and Stefanski will be even greater as the team’s disappointing season comes to a close in the weeks ahead.

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Crazy video shows ex-NFL player getting physical with United Airlines worker

Crazy video shows ex-NFL player getting physical with United Airlines worker

A shocking video showing a scuffle between ex- Denver Broncos NFL player Brandon Langley and a United Airlines employee at Newark Airport that occurred last week is in heavy circulation on social media channels.  

The footage starts in the middle of the incident and shows the airline employee shoving Langley, who then strikes the employee several times, sending him reeling. 

The employee then slaps the much larger athlete several times in the face causing Langley to shout, “You saw that s***?” to a bystander before punching the employee and knocking him to the floor, bleeding.

The worker stumbles back on his feet and confronts Langley again causing the football player to respond, “You want some more? He wants some more!” 

You can hear people in the background yelling “Stop!”

It is unclear who threw the first punch, but another video seems to show it was Langley that struck first. 

The fight was believed to have started when Langley used a wheelchair instead of renting a $5 luggage cart to transport his luggage. 

Langley posted about the incident on Twitter on Thursday writing, “y’all ain’t off the hook… worst customer experience in the entirety of my life on Heaven!!!!”

He also posted on Twitter Monday stating that the airline worker struck him first and he was defending himself. 

A United Airlines rep released a statement asserting that the company, “does not tolerate violence of any kind at our airports or on board our planes and we are working with local authorities to further investigate this matter. 

As if that drama wasn’t enough, a singer named Larren Wong claimed to be the man in the video and several outlets identified him as the football player. 

Langley fired back at his impersonator stating, “Struggling artists do anything for pennies,” in a Twitter post that tagged his impersonator. 

The University of Georgia football star was drafted in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He made 17 appearances in the NFL before moving to Canada earlier this year. He is now a receiver for the Calgary Stampeders. 

Langley was arrested on Thursday and charged with simple assault.

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Phil Mickelson lost a whopping $40 million gambling in four years

Phil Mickelson lost a whopping $40 Million gambling in four years

Golfer Phil Mickelson is in the news for losing $40 million in less than half a decade.  The golfer lost the massive sum of cash betting on a wide variety of events.  In fact, Mickelson even made 50 wagers in less than half an hour while in the presence of a reporter.  

All the Juicy Details

The details of Mickelson’s gambling losses are explained in a new book hitting store shelves this month.  The book, “Phil: The Rip-Roaring (and Unauthorized) Biography of Golf’s Most Colorful Superstar”, written by sports reporter Alan Shipnuck, gives readers an inside look into golf’s most beloved personality.  

The book delves into how Mickelson spent time gambling while golf writer John Hawkins was in his presence.  Hawkins observed Mickelson wagering in a locker room back in the aughts.  The experience, as recently revealed in an excerpt from the book, details how Mickelson used his phone in front of Shipnuck to place several wagers on college basketball games.  

Hawkins noted that it seemed as though Mickelson was attempting to show off while in his presence, possibly to win his favor as a buddy who would go to bat for him in the media.  Though Hawkins did not put all the details of Mickelson’s wagers in the piece he wrote about the golfer at the time, he is talking about the experience now that Shipnuck’s book is available.

Is Phil Mickelson a Gambling Addict?

Mickelson, also noted for correctly predicting the Baltimore Ravens’ first Super Bowl victory, is likely a gambling addict.  The golfer wagered on the Ravens to win it all that year and made it known to the media yet his losses have clearly surpassed his gains.  

The fact that the public is aware of Mickelson’s $40 million gambling loss in the first half of the 2010s is an indication that the golfer has likely lost even more than he is unwilling to discuss publicly.  Mickelson’s character also took a hit years back when it was revealed he engaged in insider stock trading.

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Video Shows Guardians’ Myles Straw Told Yankees Fans to Hit Him

Video released showing what happened at Yankees game before fans started throwing trash at Guardians’ players

We all saw the aftermath play out on television, as New York Yankees fans were throwing garbage and empty beer cans onto the field after an altercation with the Cleveland Guardians’ outfielder Myles Straw, but everyone was wondering what was said that led up to that bottom. Wonder no more, as a new video has been released showing what went down that Saturday afternoon.

On April 23, tensions started to rise in Yankee Stadium after Isiah Kiner-Falefa hit a double to left to tie the game in the ninth inning. During the play, left fielder Steven Kwan was injured after banging into the wall. Straw then climbed up the left-field wall to confront a fan after the play.

So, what did Straw say to the Yankee fan after he scaled the wall? A new video shared by the New York Post shows Straw telling Yankees fans to “hit me, motherf–ker.” In the video, you can also hear one of the fans yelling “get mad” repeatedly toward Straw and fellow outfielder Oscar Mercado.

The Yankees went on to win the game 5-4 and after the final out, Yankees fans proceeded to throw garbage and debris onto the field and at the Guardians players. An umpire was trying to calm down the scene and was hit by some of the trash being thrown, the New York Post reported.

After the game, Straw told reporters, “Brutal. Worst fan base on the planet.”

Guardians manager Terry Francona also spoke to the media after the game and gave his team’s side of the story. He said, “Myles was kinda sticking up for his teammate. Kid’s out there bleeding, checking him for a concussion. I just think probably emotions got a little out of control. Regardless, I don’t think people can throw stuff at our players on the field. That’s never gonna be OK.”

While the scene got intense, it did calm down pretty quickly. Yankees manager Aaron Boone told reporters, “Obviously there’s no place for throwing stuff on the field. Obviously we certainly don’t want to put anybody in danger. Love the intensity, but can’t be throwing stuff out on the field.”

No word on if the Yankees will be punished or fined by the MLB for the actions of their fans on this ugly Saturday afternoon.

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Albert Pujols Announces Divorce Soon After Wife’s Brain Surgery

Albert Pujols Announces Divorce Soon After Wife’s Brain Surgery

2022 has been a year of continued change for St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols. After an 11-year divorce from the redbirds, he made the decision to rejoin them this offseason after spending his career out west. As he’s facing a reunion on the field, he’s facing an unfortunate divorce off of it. Days after his now ex-wife, Deidre, underwent a procedure to remove a brain tumor, Albert made the decision to divorce her citing irreconcilable differences. The two had been married since 2000 and have five children together. The announcement comes just days before he’s slated to begin the final season of his career. In a statement released by his agent, Dan Lozano, Pujols said, “I’ve been asked a lot of questions over the past few days regarding what’s been going on at home and sadly, after 22 years of marriage, I have made the decision to file for divorce from my wife, Deidre.” 

He continued by saying, “I realize this is not the most opportune time with Opening Day approaching and other family events that have recently taken place. These situations are never easy and isn’t something that just happened overnight. As a devout Christian, this is an outcome that I never wanted to see happen. For many long days and nights I prayed, asking the Lord for His guidance.” Later on in the statement, he ended by reaffirming his commitment to raising their children in a loving and safe environment. Since Pujols’ numbers have been steadily declining as his career draws to a close, it’s safe to assume he’s hoping this doesn’t hang over his head to start the season. He finished last season hitting .236 with 17 home runs and split the season with the Dodgers and the Angels.

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Seahawks Star DK Metcalf Reveals his Shocking Diet

Seahawks Star DK Metcalf Reveals his Shocking Diet

If you listen to the Jim Rome radio show, you’ve likely heard mention of DK Metcalf’s unique diet earlier this week.  The sports talk show host went on a lengthy tangent about how Metcalf scarfs down unhealthy food, yet still retains his chiseled physique.  

Metcalf spilled the beans about his unusual approach to food in a recent interview.  If the Seahawks star wide receiver is telling the truth about his diet, one has to wonder how he maintains his God-like frame.  Metcalf revealed his diet while speaking with former NBA great Kevin Garnett on the KG Certified podcast.

Metcalf Indulges in Sweets on the Regular

Michael Jordan was famous for his terrible diet.  The best player to ever hit the hardwood notoriously ate McDonald’s and other fast food on a daily basis.  Metcalf is taking unhealthy eating up a notch, consuming bags of candy every single day without exception.  The wideout eats a single meal per day, downs one cup of coffee every 24 hours, and indulges in candy in between.  

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Metcalf’s diet is the fact that his lone meal of the day comes late at night after practice and weightlifting sessions have come to an end.  Most nutritionists insist it is best to eat light at night, opting for larger meals in the late morning and early afternoon.

Metcalf’s Dentist is Busy

As noted on the Jim Rome show, Metcalf’s dentist has to love the wide receiver’s choice of food.  If Metcalf is being forthright with the media, he downs multiple bags of Skittles® and gummy candies on a daily basis.  Metcalf can’t go a day without a large cup of coffee which presents even more of an opportunity for his dentist to rake in the cash through procedures and treatments.  

Metcalf doesn’t brew his own coffee at home.  Rather, the massive wideout heads to Starbucks to get fresh coffee.  Stay tuned as there is a good chance one of Metcalf’s teammates outs him for stretching the truth about his unconventional diet.

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