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Online Schooling Is Planned to Continue Beyond the Pandemic

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With the Covid-19 Pandemic slowly coming to a close as vaccines become available to citizens around the world, many are ready to return to their normal lives.  Students will be returning to school as well as employees returning to the office.  For most this is a welcome change back to a former way of life, for others, the Pandemic has provided a lifestyle that in many ways is preferable.

As I’m sure we have all experienced, many young students grow to detest going to school and as a result, find it hard to focus on their schoolwork.  These same young students have found that throughout the pandemic online schooling allowed them to have better focus, enjoyed learning, and were even able to get along better with their classmates.

With the practice of online school becoming more widely desired, many schools are instituting an online option for the upcoming semester this Fall.  As many as 13,000 schools across the country have implemented an online program that they intend on continuing for years to come.

While online school appears to be favorable for some, several parents and lawmakers are actively pushing to revert to a classic learning environment as soon as possible.  The opponents of online schooling argue that there has been a significant decrease in academic success and the mental health of students during their time in an online school.  This appears to be true for the general population of young students, it does not, however, seem like a valid reason for removing the option of online schooling entirely.  The schools that intend on creating continuous online programs are planning on hiring their own set of teachers and administrators in which their primary focus will be that of online learning.

Some school districts had intentions of creating an online learning program long before the Pandemic ever began.  The reason behind this is that many students and parents prefer online learning due to convenience, health concerns, bullying, or even discrimination.  Some self-motivated students also find a “work at your own pace” style of learning to be very beneficial especially when they have a parent there to help them through the process.

Online school is not for everyone, and the majority of students are anxious to return to an in-person learning environment.  With that being said, it appears that by offering the option of online schooling several students could benefit that otherwise would not fit into a standard learning environment.


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