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Haitians Deal with Aftermath of Devastating Earthquake

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Recently, after a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit a port city in southwestern Haiti, the locals took to the streets in search of bodies hidden beneath the rubble and destruction. The deadly earthquake has left at least 225 deceased – according to recent estimates – and local hospitals reported nearly 87,000 people overcome with wounds, according to news reports from Haiti.

A recent video surface after being posted online on a Miami news website called “One Show Pam”. The video in question shows large numbers of locals in Les Cayes looking through what was left of homes and a nearby hotel, searching desperately through scattered debris, rocks, and rubble in an attempt to find family members, friends, and loved ones.

Reports have confirmed that the Haitian senator and mayor of Les Cayes, Gabriel Fortune, has been found among the dead. It was reported that his body was found in the ruined mess of the Le Manguier hotel, which he owned. Haitian prime minister Ariel Henry, who took office last month, has declared an indefinite state of emergency.


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