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The Fall of Afghanistan


As the world watches the Chaos unfold in Afghanistan…one thing seems to be completely absent from the equation.  An effective plan.  The world is wondering where we go from here, as Afghani citizens overwhelm the perimeter of the airport the story brings a nation watching to tears.  The Taliban has begun to shoot into crowds protesting their theocracy.  Mothers attempt to hand infant children over fences begging American soldiers and fleeing protected Afghanis that were essential to the reconstruction effort to take them.  The scenes from the withdrawal were morbid, Afghanis hanging onto the landing gear of American planes fell to their deaths.  People begging to leave the country in the wake of the chaos of the American withdrawal.  The chaos still continues as Afghanis continue to overwhelm the airport as they face down soldiers using tear gas trying to maintain an orderly swift evacuation as the country crumbles around them.

None of this had to happen.  The utter level of government and military incompetence has not been seen on this level since the likes of Lyndon B. Johnson’s government, and Jimmy Carter.  President Biden is nowhere to be found and has reportedly returned to his Delaware home to catch up on sleep.  After 20 years of fighting the forever war seems to be coming to an end…for now.  After four presidential administrations helping defense contractors to loot the pentagon for the war conveniently with no end, all of those weapons given to the Afghani military will now end up in the hands of the Taliban, and ultimately on the black market within arm’s reach of Islamic extremists – making any future intervention against terrorism that much more dangerous for American and other Allied forces.  The thousands of American lives lost, the trillions in taxpayer dollars wasted, stolen, and misappropriated should be enough to make any voter or taxpayer furious.

The majority of Americans for years were against this war, but I think everyone can agree this is not how we wanted our engagement throughout the reconstruction period to end.  Now and an entire generation of Afghani’s grew up during this time and experienced life and privledge under democratic societies what remains for them is still unknown.


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