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2-Year-Old Fatally Shot by 3-Year-Old Sibling Who Found Gun in Mother’s Purse



Fatally Shot

A tragic incident unfolded in Gary as a 3-year-old boy discovered a gun in his mother’s purse, leading to his 2-year-old brother being fatally shot, according to Gary police.

On Friday night, officers responded to a local hospital following a report of a 2-year-old gunshot victim. The mother recounted to law enforcement that her 3-year-old son found the firearm in her purse after she momentarily left the room, resulting in the unintended shooting of his younger sibling, who tragically lost his life.

The Lake County Prosecutor’s Homicide Task Force has initiated an investigation into the incident, which transpired within a residence in Gary.

Commander Sam Roberts of the Gary Police explained that their role involves conducting criminal investigations. The findings will then be presented to the Lake County prosecutor, who will determine whether the incident resulted from negligence or was an unfortunate accident.

Fatally Shot

In response to this heartbreaking event, Mayor Jerome A. Prince and Gary Police Chief Anthony Titus emphasized the critical need for adults to take responsible measures in securing firearms and other potentially hazardous items that could end up in the hands of unsuspecting children. The officials specifically recommended the use of gun boxes or locks to enhance the safety of firearms.

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Expressing condolences, Prince and Titus issued a joint statement, saying, “Our hearts and prayers go out to the loved ones of the two-year-old child who was so tragically taken from our community.”

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